Oh Man.  I am having fun this year with jewelry.  I’ve finally hit my stride.  I think it may be the use of all these really cool vintage buttons I’m finally getting around to using.  This photo shows quite a few teeny tiny Austrian buttons I’ve finally found a use for.

It may also be that I found new bezel shapes to work with this year.  I am especially loving the guitar pick shape and the tear drop.  They are wonderful formats for mosaic work.


Speaking of mosaic work and bezels, I found these heart bezels and I am giddy at how fun these pieces are coming out!  There bright, colorful, happy, a little odd-unique… All the things I love in my own personal choices for wearable art.


I also found an artisan from Istanbul, Turkey who creates these beautiful antique silver and rose gold bezel settings.  Each bezel is so unique and hand-made feeling.  The mosaics in this photo probably look a bit strange, but man, when you see them in person. They glow with an amount of sparkle I cannot put into words!




These are some trinket dishes I am working on to sell…


I also spent some time making these super cool business card holders, but sadly, when they dried, three already exploded from being so fragile… These are definitely what I am considering an “experiment”.  Let’s hope I can get a few to completion.

I am finished with the 70 ornaments I made for the holidays.  They are all strung up and ready to go.  Now I just have to find a minute to take some photos.

That’s always the tough part! Back to work!

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