Amazing First Weekend


Thank you to my special Christmas booth helper :)


What to say…what to say…

OK. Are you ready for this?

I sold out first weekend.


24 hand-crafted mugs: 1 left

60 hand-crafted ornaments: 6 left

8 pottery dishes: 2 left

Jewelry: I sold a bunch but still have plenty more!


To sum it up, the pottery was a hit.  That entire element of my booth is gone!

Now I’m left trying to figure out what happened?  I had dropped my mug price from $40 to $30 and the ornament price-point was between $15-$18. They flew off the shelves!  Did I price them too low? or just right?  …I don’t know!    I’m still kind of sitting here in shock?!?  I still have three events to attend.  Did I over-do it and sign up for too many events or was this a fluke?

What I do know, is that I am incredibly thankful.  This only happened because people were kind enough to come out and invest in my handmade things. What’s also nice is that tiny tinge of panic in my belly has gone away.  You know that crappy little voice that resides in your gut shooting out terrible thoughts like: “Have I made the right choices?”, “Are these items good enough to put out there to the public?”, “will anyone come?”  “will I sit at my booth for 6 hours not selling anything”…oh the list goes on with the yucky thoughts one’s brain can spew… I get to shut that down, stick out my tongue and say to the nagging voice – SHOVE IT!

That’s kind of fun.


Next show is tomorrow.  My jewelry designs have taken on some subtle changes.  I really like the direction they are going…

So from here on in, my booth will be a jewelry booth.

And I plan on relaxing a little bit. Technically I’ve got done what I need to do.  Now I can enjoy and have fun and not take myself so seriously?

Yeah, I’ve earned it!






So Tired


It’s dark.

What a terrible photo. Everything is crammed in a dark hallway. I wouldn’t have posted, but I kinda said I would. Ha!

With that said, every teeny-tiny item has been priced and labeled.  I’ve got my concept down.  I will need to set up within one hour tomorrow.

Soooooooooo tired!

I forgot to get cash.  The bank is now closed.  My idea is to hit the atm and then beg the grocery store to make change…

Then I will have to come home and break this entire thing down…

then go to sleep!

Today may have been rough, but I am now READY.  A week before Black Friday.

That feels really good!

Holiday Line Up



So, Here’s the Condensed version…

Village Co-op: Saturday, Nov.19   10-3pm

Meadowbrook Waldorf Holiday Faire:  Saturday, Nov.19   10-4pm

The Framing Gallery: Sunday, Nov.20   2-5pm

South County Art Association:  Friday, Nov. 25 to Dec.17    Wed-Sun 10am-6pm

Wakefield Ladies Night (@ Finishing Touches):  Thursday, Dec.1    5-9pm

Peace Dale Holiday Fair:  Saturday, Dec.3    10-3pm

South County Art Supply:  Thursday Dec.15-18