OK Mugs…Last Time Around


I promise! This will be the last round of mugs for some time. I’m getting sick of them myself!  Ha!

Quite simply, I have no mugs left.  The last two rounds of mugs felt incredibly rushed, so it’s been nice to rest, take my time and enjoy the process. In the new year I truly am ready to move onto bowls, vases, plates and platters… I am so ready to experiment!


Now let me tell you what came to me in my sleep.  During my Creative 365 a couple years ago, I enjoyed making tons of different hand-made stamps to incorporate in my printmaking.  I used leftover blocks of wood and kids craft foam.


I don’t know why I didn’t think of it until now, but why not create my own stamps out of craft foam to press into my hand-built clay creations?  The two examples above are sort of weird because they were all I could find on short notice, but  I now know the concept works.  Be fore-warned, the light bulb has gone off.  Now, I will design some hand-made stamps with intent… Wow, imagine the possibilities!



2016-12-05 21.03.40.jpg

Too funny.  I don’t purchase tons of new stuff every year. Yet, the number one comment I hear from people who read my blog is that they love to see my house.


It’s small.  It’s cozy and I try to pack it with as many fun things as possible.

Yeah, I would say I love all things 50’s/60’s, quirky &fun.

Hope you fill your homes with all your favorite traditions, magical and special to you.

It helps us get into the Christmas spirit.  A place I know I like to reside for as long as possible!

Ladies Night Wakefield


Ladies Night Wakefield is my town’s big night!

I live in a major “shop local” area.  Mainly because all we really have  is small businesses.  I’m pretty sure many people would tell you that is the attraction of our area.  No big box anything.  Just mom and pop shops where if everyone in town uses one another’s businesses, our local commerce stays balanced and little shops can exist.  I paint a rosy picture don’t I?  But really, it is what I love about my town.


So tonight, all the small business of downtown Wakefield come together to throw a big shopping party. There’s live music, wine and cheese, horse drawn carriages, caroling, shopping promotions and loads of big crowds.  On our little local level, it’s a HAPPENING!


Jan Bertwell, of Finishing Touches, invited me to set up a booth during the event.  I’m quite excited.  I’ve never participated before.  Her store is so beautiful inside.  It’s going to be a great place to be!


I had to reconfigure which items to bring.  Mainly jewelry now. I’ve got a good idea of how I’ll set up the booth.  Now I’ll take it down and head to Main Street to set it up. Janet Bertwell I hope your ready for me.  I’m bringing the sangria ;)