OK Mugs…Last Time Around


I promise! This will be the last round of mugs for some time. I’m getting sick of them myself!  Ha!

Quite simply, I have no mugs left.  The last two rounds of mugs felt incredibly rushed, so it’s been nice to rest, take my time and enjoy the process. In the new year I truly am ready to move onto bowls, vases, plates and platters… I am so ready to experiment!


Now let me tell you what came to me in my sleep.  During my Creative 365 a couple years ago, I enjoyed making tons of different hand-made stamps to incorporate in my printmaking.  I used leftover blocks of wood and kids craft foam.


I don’t know why I didn’t think of it until now, but why not create my own stamps out of craft foam to press into my hand-built clay creations?  The two examples above are sort of weird because they were all I could find on short notice, but  I now know the concept works.  Be fore-warned, the light bulb has gone off.  Now, I will design some hand-made stamps with intent… Wow, imagine the possibilities!


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