Painting Away

_2017-01-12-11-25-58_2017-01-17-12-19-53img_1183_2017-01-17-15-47-33_2017-01-19-10-03-46_2017-01-19-12-21-48img_1173_2017-01-18-13-54-11_2017-01-20-13-23-42img_1168I’ve been painting and painting and painting. Nothing’s finished. I seem to be lacking focus, but I am plugging along anyway. At this point I want to finish all of these so I can have a clean slate and begin again…. there is a part of me that wants to step away from these crazy abstracts and work on realism, but there is a strong part of me that is madly addicted to the unknown. I think you can see  that struggle in my lack of direction. As my mama says just keep painting and it will work itself out.

We shall see!

6 thoughts on “Painting Away

    • My favorite is the last painting shown. I love the variety, love, love, love the bird….excellent. Somehow the 3 similar paintings with what appears to be leaf like symbols also remind me of the designs on your pottery. I also really like the first painting of a muted landscape. It looks to me like you really enjoy the variety of paint and symbols. It’s all great! Don’t stop!!

      • Thanks for taking the time to give me input! Yes I am truly struggling with picking one thing and sticking with it. I guess I have to let it play its self out and then maybe towards the end I will gravitate towards one thing or the other. I can definitely sense the lack of focus in my work though . It’s frustrating. It’s like I know I have 10 more years of painting I need to do but I can’t stand the idea of putting that time in. Like a Child I want everything right here right now!

  1. Good grief! You must keep painting!!! These paintings gave me joy. I hope you enjoy the process as much as I enjoy seeing this work. I love your colors, and the abstract play. The goldfinch. everything.

    • Thank you for that. Sometimes it’s nice to be routed on by more than my mother ;)
      Ughh… I have so much angst between controlling everything vs just letting it fly and going with the flow… I think it might be like being thrown in a bull-riding ring and holding on for dear life instead of controlling the bull. But now that I just said that out loud, I know I don’t want to play it safe and do what has already been done. I want to be in the ring with the bull (my inner consciousness rather than reproducing what I see). So really I need to embrace that rush of fear I feel every time I show up to paint. REMINDER: SCARY AS HELL CAN BE AWESOME? …. I’ll do what you and my mom keep saying … keep showing up and painting :) thanks again!

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