Pop-Pop’s Soup Recipe

1233552_10151887355635513_104104038_n1This is my pops. He also just happens to be the best darn cook I know (sorry husband…you are a close second ;)  My father wrote a cook book sharing all of his favorite Italian recipes and it also just happens that almost every recipe is low-fat to boot!  Alas, he could never find someone to help him get it published.  I’m telling you, it’s the world’s loss!

After yesterday’s post, I had quite a few requests for the recipe for the soup I plan on making for the “Soup’s On” event.  I asked Pop-Pop if he’d mind me sharing the recipe and he said it would be his pleasure. So mangia and enjoy!



    1. Not necessary unless you are my father Who grows his own assortment of hot peppers and then infuses them in Sherry. It gives a dish a spicy kick. For the rest of us every day moms and pops, a little crushed red pepper will do the same. If you are not into spicy, don’t bother! Taste it without it, there is so much flavor, it needs nothing more! Here is one more tip. Do not cheat on time. Because there is very little in the soup, the Italians have figured out how to maximize each flavor to it’s highest potential. So you can always Let an ingredient simmer a little bit longer, but never rush and cut the time. Also don’t cheat and combine ingredients when they’re not supposed to. My husband has done this on occasion to try to cut time and It barely has any flavor. As my father would say slow and steady!

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