Loosening Up

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I am beginning to work on a group of art prints to sell at Narragansett Beach this summer.  I usually start by loosening up.  I doodle and look for inspiration all over. I also pull up lots of photos of animals and buildings to make sure I am familiar with how many segments are in a lobster body or how many windows are actually on that historic building.

From there I begin sketching lay-outs and illustrations on tracing paper.  I create the image I am happy with on the tracing paper, then I scribble an entire piece of paper with graphite pencil.  The graphite-filled paper will then allow me to engrave and transfer my image to a high-quality piece of paper.  I do this because I can then start painting with a really clean image with no erase marks or damage to the paper.  The other bonus, is if I don’t like the painting, I can re-transfer my initial drawing. I also use them as reference. As the layers of paint get applied, your initial drawing is no longer there to work from. I have a copy of my original ideas.

I am close to finishing the sketching process.  From there I will start painting… I’ll post the progression.

Now to get my cat off all my papers….


  1. I like that idea of doing the sketch on tracing paper and then transferring it. I used to do that with my folk art paintings but I’ve never thought about using elsewhere. Looking forward to the progressions.

  2. I am a Porcelain Artist and my cat would jump onto the table and land in the paint pallet, then walk on leaving paw prints across any thing he trod on. Thank you for the suggestion of how to start. I have a block at the moment and need to start painting for an Exhibition in May. I just keep putting off starting.

    1. I love to draw and paint, but there is something about starting… it’s like a panic! There’s also infinite possibility which can be seriously overwhelming. It’s like you need to trick yourself into starting without being aware of it. We all find our ways.
      Oh my cat. She is too funny! Loves paper, loves paint, loves getting into whatever I’m working on… I love my kitty-cat!

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