_2017-03-28 10.36.04

I’ve been enjoying the process of making these driftwood shadow boxes . Dare I say,  it feels like play!

_2017-03-28 10.21.39_2017-03-28 10.19.54_2017-03-28 10.27.20_2017-03-28 10.29.03_2017-03-28 10.30.29

I’m at the point of creating the creatures from clay. I’ve under-glazed them. Next they’ll be bisque fired and glazed with a clear coat for a final firing… I’m definitely not cranking these out in an afternoon. Slow and steady. Adding little bits at a time. I’ve wanted to go to the beach to collect some more natural elements, but I am at my end of how much cold I can tolerate. I’m chronically cold and feel like I have about three more days of holding out for spring before I fall on the floor and play dead. I’m losing it!

On that note, I will fix myself my third cup of tea. Not for the caffeine, but for the hot-mug-heater!

Back to creating…I’ll keep you updated on their progress :)

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