Driftwood Shadow Boxes


My poor family can tell you.  I am a collector of junk.

My darling husband is forced to carry bags and bags of driftwood down the beach.

My children are mortified their mother is picking up beer cans and bottle caps off the street.

Oh yeah, I am sure I am a dream to live with :)

Well family – Ya see???

I’m using all the garbage I collected thank you very much!

I have found a way to apply all of my treasure-hunting into a perfect marriage with my other passion, pottery.

I’m a little nervous because I’ve never shown anything like this to the world yet.   I am crossing my fingers that people find them as fun as I did collecting and constructing them!



  1. I love your creativity Mary. I love the pressed words, short phrases so sweet. They make me smile. I am quite sure they will be a hit and your family will be so proud of you. Thanks for sharing Mary. They are a delight to see.

  2. Mary these are wonderful on so many ways! First they are fun as hell, second you are reusing treasures left by the sea or others, third the colors, mixed media and words are so joyful together, they make me smile!! I’m sad I’m missing the fair this weekend, I might have been your best customer! Good luck and I’m sure the folks will adore your work!

  3. I don’t know how people wouldn’t like these wonderfully creative pieces. I know i would buy one if I lived close by. I love the second one and the third from the bottom.

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