Pottery Camp 2017


It’s been a month since I last posted.

Bet you thought I was taking it easy? Enjoying a summer break?

Ohhhhh no!

3 weeks of pottery camp. 60 campers @ 10 pots each = 600 pots that needed to be fired and glazed.

Rhea, the owner of  Pottery Through The Guild and I have been working day and night. And now that we’ve glazed and fired the last of the pots, I can sit down and look at some of the photos we took. It has definitely been a creative month!


For this project the kids got to throw a bowl on the pottery wheel.  From there, they were taught how to scratch and slip some sturdy legs for their vessel.  We put some blue wine bottles in a bag and smashed them with a hammer. I explained that after they were fired the first time, I’d be sprinkling glass in the bottom of the pots.  When the pots went into the kiln for a second time, the glass would melt and crystallize like a blue pool in the bottom of their bowls.  It was up to the kids to decide what they would like to swim in the crystal glass “water”.

Here is what they came up with:

Camp 4

_2017-08-29 10.21.06

They turned out great!


  1. Wonderful work with very guided talented help. Amazing results the kids will treasure and long remember the experience. Nice!

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