Blank Slate

This fall I am setting up in what is yet another new studio. The lease on my old spot ended mid-June. I’ll go wherever there is sunlight and heat!

My husband had an office not being used in his computer business… so I begged… and begged and made all sorts of offers until we came up with a successful scenario. I’ll pay some rent and I’ll make part of the office space a lunchroom for employees.


Again, there’s sunlight and heat! Two things I have gone without in the past and two things I don’t ever want to go without again!

So for this week I’m painting what was dark furniture – light. I like to have a nice bright white clean slate (at least in the beginning :)

I’ve wrapped the floors, counters and walls in plastic so I won’t leave any trace of art-making in the room when I’m done.

I have carpets and bookshelves to add. But for today, I got a bunch done :)


  1. How nice. I’m still trying to organize all my supplies in the far end of my bedroom. I wish I could throw it out and start fresh but that would be such a waste of materials.

    1. I hear you. I have a giant pallet of watercolors. Expensive ones too. But over time they have mixed and May even have the occasional cat hair stuck in them. I was thinking to post a sign at my local art supply store for a budding artist who may not have that type of money. Or maybe even a high school or college student. If I gifted it to the right person , then re-investing in new supplies for myself wouldn’t feel so bad ;)

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