Christmas Laughs

For the last week I have been struggling through a cold.  You could put it on the calendar annually.  The week before Christmas I am the most run-down of the year.  There is just so much to DO-DO-DO, my body simply cannot handle it. Here is a photo of me Christmas 2012 relaxing with the family in the livingroom:

2012-12-23 14.25.50

I’m flat-out tuckered, but at least I am keeping my humor.  Humor is what gets me through everything.  When I look back on all my Christmases (even the one where at least 12 of us vomited in the course of 3 hours), I never remember how my broke down body felt, I only remember the laughs!Untitled-1

Good memories.

This year we hosted our first ever Ugly Sweater Party.

2017 Xmas Partyb

Can you tell I had a little fun making the invite? I think I packed my entire childhood in there!

Here were a few ideas I came up with before the big day:

2017-12-16 11.10.25

Coffee filters. I don’t know what made me think of it.  Must have been the childhood reminiscing. I hung strings in the windows so all of the snowflakes could decorate te rooms as the party went along.

2017-12-16 16.39.462017-12-16 11.17.34

We took a coffee can and decorated it to play an old-school game of kick-the-can, but there was too much snow on the ground to play :(  That’s ok.  Summer-Christmas-kick-the-can will be fun too…

2017-12-16 11.17.01

I scavenged thrift shops for old mugs for people to drink their spiked cocoa in.

2017-12-16 11.57.45

Garland boas were all the rage.

2017-12-16 13.01.51

For the candy cane hunt I also included some extra goodies.  I found 80’s-inspired Pop Rocks, clear empty Christmas balls to fill with candy and hang from the trees, and one little box wrapped like a Christmas present.  Inside the box was chocolate coal. We had the hunt outside and it was a big hit!


These people are the community we have created over the years.  Many families and so many happy memories.

2017-12-22 08.47.40

I may have had a sore throat and believe it or not, the very morning of the party I threw out my back.  I guess that is what ibuprofen is for. Because all said, I pushed on through and had a great time.  I may have even been the only one to use that karaoke machine ;)



Merry Christmas to Me

This weekend I was part of a girls shopping day. My mom, sister, daughter and I went to North Hampton, MA.  If you haven’t been there, It’s a funky ole-hippie-college-town known for being very liberal, artsy and full of entertainment. It has great music venues, theater and deliciously diverse food.

We roamed the streets going in and out of the coolest boutiques.  That’s when I ran across this poster. It’s by Shepard Fairey.   

I LOVE his street art.

Most people know him for the Obama “Hope” poster, but I really came to know his work during the Women’s March.

The images were striking and unforgettable. It was amazing to see so much of his artwork brought to the streets by people who didn’t even know one another.  Obviously his work has come to symbolize a movement.

MAKE ART NOT WAR.  Man does that not sum up the times.

So as a special gift to myself I bought and framed the poster.  I used a funky plaid fabric I own and it looks awesome.  Every day I am in my studio I will enjoy it.

I always say,  tis’ the season to TREAT YOSELF! Hope yall’ find something special this holiday season :)

Beginning to Feel a Bit Like Christmas!


Apparently I never “officially” said it, but I have backed away from all events because I wanted to devote this year to painting.

With that said, The Narragansett Arts Guild, which was the group I got together with every week of the summer to sell art by the beach, is having a big Hoorah to end 2017.

So, FOR THE RECORD – THIS IS THE ONLY EVENT BE CREATIVE MARY IS ATTENDING this holiday season.  I have pottery, jewelry and cards.  But it’s not just me, this is a fantastic collaborative of artists whom I look forward to seeing. Especially since I haven’t seen them since Labor Day!  There will be music, food and lot’s to see.  Come join us this Thursday from 4-9 pm. I’ll be there with bells on ;)