Nothing But Blue Skies

__2018-11-20 09.31.30

Back in the US and back to work :)

Below you will find the tutorials on clouds that I provided for my watercolor classes.

The interesting technique I found worth sharing is to add a little pink and yellow to the whites of your clouds as opposed to simply white and grey.  The difference is a wealth of warmth in your painting.

make cloudscloud kindscloud kinds1

These were the demos of the different types of clouds I painted in class that week:

__2018-11-20 09.32.07

__2018-11-20 09.31.57

__2018-11-20 09.32.29

__2018-10-21 10.14.51


__2018-10-21 10.14.51

__2018-10-21 10.14.34

__2018-10-21 10.15.16

__2018-10-21 10.14.34

__2018-10-21 10.13.37

__2018-10-21 10.13.29

__2018-10-21 10.13.37

It’s funny, you spend a week really focusing on something and your awareness becomes tenfold.

Ever since these classes I constantly find myself looking up :)

One Night in Bangkok

Greetings! It’s been a long 15 days of travel around Thailand. I am on the final leg. That’s the part where I spend 18 hours in flight (boo!) I now have plenty of time to sift through the photos on my phone. So, I thought I’d share :)

We saw so many statues and temples. They were fantastic. However, I didn’t take any photos of them. My focus was on the everyday. What I saw on the streets. What seemed foreign or uncommon to the place I am from.

Color. Color always attracts me. Humor too. I truly enjoyed being a foreign fly on the wall.