Another Autumn Another Art Studio

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I have avoided this for many years mainly because I crave natural sunlight, but it was inevitable.  Eventually, I would wind up in my basement.

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I have this giant extra room in the basement.  It’s where they built an addition on the house years ago.  It’s concrete and unfinished but, it’s dry and there is electricity.  Did I mention it’s free?

yard sale

In order to make the space to create, I had to have a yard sale.  15 years ago I wrote “wicked huge yahd sale” on my signs to kind of poke fun at the New England accents where I live, but now it’s kind of like I’ve branded my yard sales.  I always write this and people know who’s sale it is without even looking at the address.

Long story short, This sale was a LARGE HAUL.  It took me three weeks to unload 20 years of art supplies out of my basement.  Mostly because I taught art lessons and art camps to kids for decades, so every time someone wanted to unload materials – I said yes. I had boxes and boxes of fabric, yarn, paints, paper, tools, printing press, photography prep, art books, craft materials…  You name it.  It accumulated in my basement.

And now it’s gone.  I have made the decision to end that chapter in my life.  I teach adults art now and I have them bring their own materials :)

My new art space will be devoted to painting.  I have a big project in mind.  It’s a painting series.  It’s going to take me forever and my goal for making it happen is to stay away from rabbit holes.  Rabbit holes?  What’s that you say?  It’s the multitude of paths that lie underneath the surface to get you to your destination.  Rabbits dig tons of paths.  If you are a practical human, you create one path to take you from point A to point B.  If you are a rabbit, you might have ten paths to point B and you could get distracted or lost along the way.  I’m a rabbit.  I say I want to paint, but along that path I elect to create and sell jewelry at a Christmas show, I create and sell pottery through-out the year.  I teach 1-4 art classes a week.  These are my rabbit- holes that keep me from ever accomplishing the goal I set forth.  Sure I have tons of fun along the way, but at the end of every year I also feel a great sadness for never really pushing myself to the serious goals I have made for myself.

Sigh…  here I go again.  Fall.  Back to school. Time for fall-cleaning.  Time to reassess. I’ve made some good head-way.  I’ve said no thank you to teaching kids.  I said yes to teach only one adult art class this fall and no to 4.  I emptied my home of all of the art supplies that were unnecessary.  I am journaling, meditating, and taking baby-steps to formulate the art project in my mind.  All good things…

__2019-09-12 09.49.04

But there are a few rabbit holes I just don’t want to give up, as time-consuming as they are.  Pottery is one of them.  I haven’t figured it out yet.  Maybe stop teaching and continue with pottery? Try to paint, teach and do pottery, which isn’t working very well from a productivity perspective?  Maybe devote 6 months to painting, then 6 months to pottery and only do one at a time?

Ugh.  If  you can’t tell, my heart is torn.  Clearly in writing the last few sentences, I can take teaching out of the mix…  but that involves a lot of people I feel terrible letting down…I will have to sit with this for a bit.

I’d love to hear from those of you with rabbit holes and what you do to clarify and simplify your life.  Or maybe you just don’t and you live a crazy hectic life.  That’s a story in itself!  But I am really craving focus. On a soul level.  And I’m finding it very difficult to find my way.

So here’s to another Fall and trying to find my place in the world.  It’s a deja vu moment…. but with the autumn there always comes hope ;)


  1. do you EVER SLEEP?? OK so now I need to come by & see Olivias room & your NEW AMAZING ART STUDIO! Cheers to you!! Elisa

    On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 11:14 AM Be Creative Mary wrote:

    > becreativemary posted: ” I have avoided this for many years mainly because > I crave natural sunlight, but it was inevitable. Eventually, I would wind > up in my basement. I have this giant extra room in the basement. It’s > where they built an addition on the house years ago. It'” >

  2. I have been a clay artist for 30 years & have many “rabbit holes” which I travel too often. I am almost 73 yrs young so I began 2019 with 3 goals – challenge my comfort level, take a drawing class, & begin downsizing in preparation for a not too distant move. Unfortunately I haven’t given myself permission to pursue my main love which is creating folk pottery & sculpture . My recommendation to you is do what you love & love what you do. This is my new mantra and I WILL FOLLOW IT!!! Blessings to you

    1. Thanks for sharing. Yep you definitely sound a lot like me. There’s just not enough hours in the day!! I too am a GREAT LOVER of folk art and pottery. Putting the two together sounds yummy!

  3. I, too, have trouble with rabbit holes. Just started doing pottery again after a long time and then I do very artistic scrapbooking and cardmaking, which is in another area of my studio. Sounds like you are working it out though. Praying for guidance for you. Rosalie

  4. Yep. I’m a rabbit, too. I totally understand what you’re going through. Also like you, I hate the thought of letting others down. I’ve just said yes to 4 things this week I shouldn’t have. I have a show next Saturday and should down in my very own basement studio painting but instead I’m visiting you down your particular rabbit hole! Ha ha… I do love a good artist blog though, they are vanishing it seems. Good luck, you’ll find a happy medium.

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