Fox and Grackle


Here lies a third study in the idea process for my secret garden series.  Unfortunately this idea did not make the cut either. Reason being, why do I want old mailboxes in my secret garden?  My secret garden is going to be way cooler than that ;)

I do love the fox though.  He will make an appearance in a different composition.  I consider the blackbird my spirit animal.  I’ve had many special connections in my life with them.  In fact, when I have an abnormal encounter with a blackbird I really pay attention to what’s going on in my life and take measure.  So the black bird will make an appearance in the future as well.

A reminder, these paintings are little.  They are only 8×10 inches.  My thought has been that even if these “ideas” don’t make my final cut, I will still complete them.  With a big white mat, these little animal pictures are going to be really sweet and enjoyable to look at.

I have already re-sketched a configuration for a new fox garden painting. The new one is more “Mary” flavor which -if I am going to put in all this effort -better be what I would like to see :)


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