Pottery Prep

It’s that time of year where us artisans try to produce as much as we can to sell around the holidays. With the pandemic ever-present, where will I sell? Most of the holiday gift shows in my area are canceled this year due to the pandemic. So, as I have put it off for years I think it’s time to start my Etsy shop. I’d imagine I am not the only artist wondering what to do this year. For shoppers of handmade items, I think there will be robust options online which is good for the world. We need more art!

Here are some ceramics I am working on as we speak:

I am also working on tons of little soap dishes. I bought some loaves of homemade soap that I would like to combine into nice little gifts. I know I am a sucker for homemade soap. I’m hoping there are other fans out there.

So, I am plugging along. The kids are in-and-out of virtual and at-school learning. This is definitely a different year circumstantially, but I still feel that excitement of rushing around in a creative frenzy. Ha. I just thought about it. It’s very similar to squirrels rushing around preparing for the long cold winter.

Well, if that’s the case, then I’m in good company!


  1. Hello Mary…your work is exquisite….please tell me the glazes/underglazes you used on the cups….they are so bright and lovely….Jennifer a beginning ceramacist…

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