Pottery Prep

It’s that time of year where us artisans try to produce as much as we can to sell around the holidays. With the pandemic ever-present, where will I sell? Most of the holiday gift shows in my area are canceled this year due to the pandemic. So, as I have put it off for years I think it’s time to start my Etsy shop. I’d imagine I am not the only artist wondering what to do this year. For shoppers of handmade items, I think there will be robust options online which is good for the world. We need more art!

Here are some ceramics I am working on as we speak:

I am also working on tons of little soap dishes. I bought some loaves of homemade soap that I would like to combine into nice little gifts. I know I am a sucker for homemade soap. I’m hoping there are other fans out there.

So, I am plugging along. The kids are in-and-out of virtual and at-school learning. This is definitely a different year circumstantially, but I still feel that excitement of rushing around in a creative frenzy. Ha. I just thought about it. It’s very similar to squirrels rushing around preparing for the long cold winter.

Well, if that’s the case, then I’m in good company!

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