FINALLY! – BeCreativeMary Etsy Shop

A day late and a dollar short, but I did it! I finally loaded some of my work onto Etsy.

What a year. What a year. Let’s see… There are no holiday shows to participate in. My kids are going to school – then sent home to virtual learn. Then they are sent to school again, rinse and repeat... It’s truly made-me mental and productive mush. My latest Covid-encounter has been our pottery studio being shut down abruptly, within 24 hours, by our town. Rhode Island is struggling with rising Covid 19 cases so BOOM! 2-4 week pause on all sorts of businesses. I have Christmas ornaments, mugs and more dishes trapped in the studio which sadly will not be ready for Christmas. My fantasy was to have an Etsy shop for winter 2020 and have it ready for Black Friday.

I let that fantasy go.

Now I’m just doing my best and if selling stuff for the holidays doesn’t pan out, I will have at least gotten myself organized for the future and can work on building up an Etsy presence.

So, about that…. I was wondering if I could ask you guys for a little holiday gift??? Pathetic I know, but Etsy has all these algorithms that you need to navigate in order to even get your listings seen. Apparently, If I can get people to “Favorite” my shop and hover over some of the listings and click the “Heart Icon” on stuff that you like, Etsy will bump me up in the listing feeds. I thought the hurdle to Etsy was spending hours on the computer typing in the listings. Nope that’s just the first hurdle. So, if you are trapped in your house due to the pandemic and have a free moment to play with your phone, you could make this artist’s year! I mean it’s 2020. So making my year would be pretty easy. That bar is so low…am I right??? LOL.

I have a lot more things to list. I will spend the next week or two typing away… I will take some time to blog about my favorite pieces I’ve made lately. Being creative has whole-heartedly gotten me through this pandemic. It’s like that small thing that is just for me and when I’m creating my heart and mind are still. I guess that’s why us artisans do what we do. To chase that peace you can get from it. Let’s just say I do a lot of chasing!

I think of all of you. The world at large. What every single household is going through. Jobs threatened, bills to pay, children uprooted, the isolation so many are experiencing. My heart breaks. I can’t wallow too long in that place because it will destroy me, but I feel it on a planetary-soul level. All of us questioning what we are doing here on this planet and for God sakes, why? So, if I can take a moment to remind each of you to breathe deeply, enjoy the little things and hold your loved-ones a little tighter this year, I will be thinking of you all and what we will do, as a planet, when we get to begin to create our future.

Now that’s going to be one heck of a celebration!

PS. One more thing! If you are local and would like to forgo the shipping costs, message me the items you are interested in and I will create you a customized invoice without the shipping. Etsy doesn’t allow for a local “pick-up” option. From there, we can arrange a meet up. Well, like a 6 foot meet-up. I will simply throw stuff at you, create a cannon and hope you catch it ;)


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