Be Creative Mary Pottery

Here are some of my favorite pieces recently out of the kiln.

I am quickly realizing just how much work my Etsy shop can be. It isn’t a one time thing. I am creating the work, but then I have to stop creating in order to photograph and list my pieces. It sometimes takes days to weeks. Then, REPEAT. I just want to paint, but I can’t seem to clear my to-do list to ever get to that point! NEXT WEEK. I am officially putting everything to the side to finish the last painting in my series. I am soooo looking forward to it!

So, my Etsy shop is refilled – check. I also have a series of wooden mini-house art pieces I just completed. I’m almost done photographing them. Then I will load them on Etsy. Then I will share my favorites. Rinse…Repeat…

I really over did these houses though. I put way too much time and creativity in to ever recoup on the price vs. labor. I painted all 4 sides. I collaged all sorts of quirky images onto them. I carved into the wood. I added three more layers of paint. I simply don’t want to admit the time I put into them. With that said, I’m happy. When I look at each one, I smile. So it’s totally worth it from my inner-artist perspective :)

In human news, I have received my first vaccine.

I cannot wait to be fully vaccinated! I have emergency room-level asthma which has terrified me this past year. I feel just one little step closer to getting back to normal. Amen to that!

Have a wonderful spring weekend everybody and keep happy and healthy!


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