Miniature Art Houses

In early March, I went in for surgery. Knowing I’d be confined to a bit of bedrest, I set myself up with an art project that I thought I could putz around with in a low impact setting.

Many years ago my mom had purchased me three little painted wood houses. One of them said “artist” on it and it made her think of me. I loved how creative and personal they were. I wound up sticking them in a succulent garden I have inside my home. They are still there making me smile.

Of course I didn’t want to copy. So I spent some time thinking about what I would like my own houses to look like. The ones I received were predominantly black and painted only on one side. Black? No way. If I were to make my own village, it would be loaded with bright and happy colors, a bit of humor and lots of little details that would keep you going back to look.

I really had no idea what I was going to do. You literally begin with an empty canvas.

Then I got into it. I cut out all sorts of 3-D windows, doors and rooves. Glued them on and gave them a base coat of paint.

Being a bit of a magpie, of course I have a vast collection of papers, magazines and fabrics. I absolutely adore mixing and matching patterns, so ideas began to evolve…

As I pulled from my collection of stuff, little stories began in my head. Ideas about “love birds”, mystics, farmers and animal lovers. Inner messages began to form. At this point, I’m in a creative process full throttle!

I have spent quite a bit of time print making so I had some etching and engraving tools. Without much thought, I found myself carving words and etching arches and windows. Soon the flat blocks were beginning to come to life.

I went in about three more times adding layers of transparent color. Layering is how you create depth.

If you’d like to take a closer look at what is inside all the windows, here is a link to My Etsy Store. Each listing has a slideshow of all the different sides of the houses.

They took WAY LONGER then I should have spent, but the project definitely stimulated my creative juices!

So much Fun :)


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