Sketching and Potting

I had some scrap clay so I decided to make some kitty-cats for my indoor plants. I love hiding creatures in my houseplants.

I’d say I’d list them on Etsy, but I got two and the rest were sold before I put my coffee down! Thank you kind people who surround me and support me on my creative journey! Needless to say, I will have to make more. I know when I look at my plant and there is something smiling back at me, it makes me smile. That can’t be a bad thing for this world. We definitely need more smiles.

In other super happy news, I have finished sketching the final painting in my Secret Garden Series (8 of 8 watercolors 18″” x 24″). Yayyyy!!!!!

Sketching is the hardest part for me. One because you have to get it right. If the foundation is shotty everything else goes to pot. Secondly, you can’t paint a secret garden painting until you figure out what’s in the garden??? Figuring out what to create is always a stressor. Without it, you just have a blank piece of paper.

What on earth do I want to draw????

So I am very excited. The thinking part is over. Now I can just paint which comes way more from the heart than the brain. I get giddy thinking about it. I simply LOVE painting!

In other creative news, I finally got all of these jars out of the kilns. I just sent them off to WicksandSticksRI to be filled with yummy candle scents. We are collaborating to create a personal and homey luxury item. Their candles burn so clean, you can totally use the jar for other things when your done. Like pencils? or a margarita? I’m very happy to have these done. I started them a long time ago and then there was a glaze shortage due to Covid-restart-up. Life is starting to feel like it’s getting back to normal though don’t you think?

Slowly but surely…..

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