Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Greetings from Pottery Central here in Little Rhody.

Today I thought I’d share these funny little creatures that recently popped out of my kiln.

A year ago I created a couple bird pots and people really loved them. So then I made some more.

However, recently I met the woman who owns a lovely gift shop in Chepachet, RI called The Hen House and she asked me if I ever considered making chickens? Seriously? In an entire year, how is it that I didn’t once consider making a chicken? This was a big Duh. Don’t we all love chickens? I do because they truly crack me up. They walk with a little bok bok wiggle. They kind of have bug eyes which make them look a bit derpy. I mean derpy in a totally loveable way. My kids went to a school that allowed chickens to roam free around the campus. Now these chickens were the funniest of all chickens because each of them were so used to being picked up and pet around 50 times a day that they truly turned out with the persona of mans best friend. A kid would run up to a chicken and the chicken would stop and assume the petting position. I think those are the most loved chickens in the world.

Anyways, I was photographing each one to hopefully load on Etsy this upcoming week and when I was done photographing them, I stuck them on a table. I was busy photographing mugs and soap dishes and the like, but each time I looked back over at that table I laughed a little. A month or so ago, I stopped what I was doing and made a ton of eyeballs. Not kidding, I probably made 30 different ones with the idea that one of these days I’d be making more bird pots and hand made stamps would save me some time figuring out what to do for the eyes. These chickens were my first time using my custom eyeball stamps. If you look closely, each chicken has a different set of eyes. The result of each chicken having different eyes, is that each one now has it’s own personality. They all seem to have there own character. So as I was wrapping up the day, I brought my camera over and took some photos of the chickens mingling with one another. Take a look. Don’t they all seem to have their own personalities?

I have to say it. I totally love what I do :)


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