Angels Among Us

AAngels Among Us (5)

Angels Among Us  -acrylic & charcoal on 300 lb cold press paper 22″x30″ inches

So let’s see how this painting got started…

AAngels Among Us (1a)

AAngels Among Us (1b)

Like the famous Rorschach ink blot tests, you can interpret lines and marks in a myriad of ways.  I personally saw a wing to the bottom right and went from there! Random strokes of lilac caught my eye as well and I saw more wings.

I see wings – I associate angels

AAngels Among Us (5)

I see angels – I associate bows an arrows

Now this is where my cousin Liz  says “Wha -Wha- What? How do you get bows and arrows from angels?”

Well duh, the most famous angel?  Cupid???   …. Of course this makes perfect sense… to me ;)

I also drew in some xxoo’s which equal love.  Perfect Cupid sense if I say so myself! There’s also a little planetary/cosmos action which is aligned with my constant quest to understand the spiritual world around me.

This painting turned out bright and airy and it keeps one looking for the mystical and weird which is right up my alley. It’s a perfect psychological bundle of the inner workings of my mind.