Seeds in the Wind


Seeds in the Wind   acrylic painting on canvas 24″ x 36″

The progression:

Angels Among Us (7)





This painting was tough.  I kept bringing it home finished and then taking it back to my studio because it didn’t feel right.

I wanted to capture movement through translucency and it definitely took layer after layer after layer, but in its final stage I like that there are some seeds far back and some up close.

My paintings are still a bit congested.  No breathing or quiet space.  I am going to switch hats and work on jewelry for a few months. I’m hoping the time away from painting will allow my brain to process and when I come back I will subconsciously be able to make the changes I want to make.

I still have quite a few paintings to show though, so don’t go anywhere!


Fly-by (2)

Fly-by  Intuitive Painting #2

Is there any incredibly wealthy individual out there who would like to buy me some giant canvases?

I actually really like this painting.  It is quirky and happy and wiggly… my only disappointment is that it is only 20″x 24″ inches.  Boy ol’ boy if this painting was 4ft x 6ft you could visually step inside and get lost in its fun!

My husband and I have a special connection to Prague and this painting very much reminds me of the city’s antiquity.  The city’s buildings all twist and turn in the skyline.  Half due to the Baroque architecture and half due to the settling of hundreds of year old buildings.  The city has settled into a twisty-turny, cobble stone, piled on top of one another visual delight!

When you see this painting in person, my favorite part of this painting is the sky. You can see the many layers underneath the transparent blue clouds.  Yum.  I do love that you can see the layers.

A friend and I were talking about “the ideal” vacation.  She spoke of entering the woods and getting into nature.  I was the opposite.  I love to visit cities.  I love to ramble through streets foreign to me.  I love to people-watch, find a book store, listen to live music, eat incredibly delicious food.  Cities have flavors and can collectively expose a lot of awesome things about humanity.


Here is the painting after its first few layers of mark making.  You can see how your mind can go in many directions.  I see a fish in the bottom center which could have been an entire different story…

Again, I do like the first few layers better than the over-doing of extra layers and all this over-context.  I have started new paintings where I am trying to keep the colors brighter and less muddied, but as soon as I start “trying”  the unabashed free-spirit intuition goes down the tubes…

It shall take me many a painting to figure out my personal groove… umm, wealthy individual with unlimited canvases for me???  Please come forward!!!