DAY # 342 – A Letter to My Husband on his 39th



To my husband the day after his 39th birthday:

I met my husband in a political propaganda class three months before college graduation.  I can write a couple of pages about our meeting, but simply put.  Three months until we were out in the world.  My husband will tell you he didn’t want to get involved, seeing as how he was graduating, I will tell you, he never had a chance!

17 years later, the reasons I fell in love with him then still hold true.  He is the most caring individual I have ever met.

Now for my story.

3 months before graduation I had been dating a bona-fide rock star – at least he thought he was.  Two months before that, he had taken off for Costa Rica and not even cared enough to tell me.  What can I say, I was young.  Rock band. Drama. Boy friend took off to Costa Rica.  Makes for a great song…don’t it?

About the time I met my future husband, the old rock star resurfaced.  Apparently, after soul-searching on a tropical coast for a few months, he had realized I may have been worth fighting for.  I now had two love interests.

I’ll tell you how I picked the “right guy” for me.  Around this same time, I was getting my wisdom teeth out. You know, I had to take advantage of my wonderful healthcare package before I graduated and became unemployed (pre-Obama Care where you really couldn’t afford a health plan out of college!)

I went home for a few days to recover.  Mr. Rock Star lived by my hometown.  He stopped by to tell me how much I looked like a swollen chipmunk.  From what I recall, that was about what I took with me from that conversation; a swollen chipmunk.  I went back to college and hung out with my roommate pretty much waiting for the swelling to go down, when this guy I barely knew stopped by my room.  He came by to load my dorm fridge.  He had yogurt, ice pops and what ever else he could come up with to make me feel better.

From that moment on, I knew the answer.  This was someone who cared for people. Who cared about people.  This person was special.

This rest is history.  Something in my innate animal brain told me to go after him.  To change his mind. To make him realize that even if he was graduating in three months, that was ok, I could go with.

Somehow amongst all the youth drama I did it.  I got him to marry me. I thank my soul for making the right decision.

This silly little painting depicts are life after that.  We backpacked Europe, got engaged on the Charles Bridge in Prague over pizza, we’ve owned two homes, two cats and had two babies.  We have supported each other in one of the most important aspects of our lives – making sure we both do what we love for a living.  Watching my husbands computer business grow has been like watching our first baby grow.  It’s now a beautiful child with a life of its own.

My husband has always liked fish motifs. They are all over the house. At this point, we all give him things that have fish on them because they remind us of him. He may not even like fish motifs anymore for all we know, but it must be nice to know everyone thinks of you when they associate you with that thing.  So I added the fish motif!

I had no idea what to write in the bubbles above the fish.  It was close to midnight last night when I created this and with what little creative juice I had left, I came up with this:

“Want to get together for eternity?” is a statement.  Being with my husband for 17 years is the longest I have ever done anything.  I have had no job, no car, no dwelling, no locale, no diet, no sweater…nothing that has lasted longer than 17 years.  For a person with a very short attention span, that’s a big deal.  Gosh if we’ve done almost twenty, could we do a lifetime?  It just seems crazy. Crazy cool.

“See you at the finish line” is what I started saying after we had kids.  For the past decade it’s like these wild electrons keep spinning around our nucleus.  Often now, there are days where I feel like I am waving from across the room but never quite make it over to say hi.  On really crazy days when we have more to do than we can handle I yell over to him “see you at the finish line” meaning we may not be able to be together at this moment, but if we have a common place to meet up later, we’ll meet up then.  The joke is that this might be retirement, old age, death or even another lifetime!  That’s how it feels some days. It’s the best way I can come up with to say “Keep running the marathon and if we both keep running the race, if we both support each other, we just might meet up at the end.”

So that’s my sappy story.

I often think my husband must have been a real wicked SOB in his past life to be paying his penance with a lifetime of me.  I’m the lucky one in this scenario and I’m eternally grateful for it.

Happy Birthday Big Lug.  Yesterday was a small marathon in itself.  There was no surprise party, parade or bandstand.  Instead there was grandparents, children and more theatre performances.  Amongst the chaos, there was a quite sweet man turning 39 surrounded by the electrons he calls his family.

I hope to meet him at the finish line.

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I just finished today’s painting and I have 4 minutes until midnight!

I wasn’t home all day and started this painting around 9:30 this evening.

Today was my husband’s birthday and this 11×14 gouache painting is a tribute to him.

Unfortunately, I am drop dead tired.  I would love to explain all the hidden meanings throughout the drawing but am afraid I will be absolutely incoherent if I go any further.

With that said, I will attach an amendment to this post tomorrow.

I need some zzz’s

See you in the a.m.

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#160 - More Gifts for Hera (3)

#160 - More Gifts for Hera (2)

#160 - More Gifts for Hera (4)

#160 - More Gifts for Hera (1)

If you saw yesterday’s post, you are about to have a deja vu moment!

This is because I am creating more postcards for the same local art gallery fundraiser.

Today’s postcards were created by very loosely dropping puddles of paint onto very wet paper.  I didn’t know what to create for the cards today, so after the paint dried, I doodled with my sketching pen and found some subject matter within the paint swirls.  They wound up being very loose little watercolor sketches.

Here is the info again on what I am doing and what it is for.

This is what is written on the Hera Gallery website:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CALL FOR ENTRIES! Postcard Fundraiser Time!

CALL FOR ENTRIES Having a Wonderful Time! Announcing the Third Annual Hera Gallery Artists’ Postcard Fundraiser

This summer, Hera will hold its third annual postcard fundraiser! We are seeking artists’ postcards created as original works of art to sell at $15 each for benefit of the gallery. Postcards will be displayed in the gallery from July 17-20, 2013. An opening reception
featuring music, food, and fun will be held on Saturday July 20, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Following the event, postcards will be permanently on sale in the gallery. Please create postcards for this event and recruit other artists to aid in this effort. You may contribute individual postcards or editions of postcards. They can be stamped and sent through the mail, put in an envelope, or delivered to the gallery. Postcards will be accepted on a rolling basis. The deadline for inclusion in the show is Friday July 12. All cards become the property of Hera Gallery. Artists are asked to sign and date the back side of the postcard and to include any information they would like to make available: a message, contact information, artists statement, or websites.  The piece need not be a functional postcard. Anything goes as long as it is 4” X 6”.
Have fun!
 I think it is a brilliant fundraiser!
a 4×6 work of art is not too much to ask of an artist and a 15 dollar purchase supporting good cause seems like a very big win/win situation.
I’m looking forward to attending and am glad I could contribute something!



We left for the airport at 10am this morning…It’s now 7pm and we still have two more flights to go.  We are in DC where our latest flight was cancelled.  If we are lucky we will get on a 9pm flight to Boston and a bus back to Providence, RI.  Yep, I’m pretty sure we will be getting home early tomorrow morning sometime.  So, I am sitting in the airport while my husband helps me get my doodles off the phone and onto the laptop, so I can then add them to this blog.  Heck, we have two more hours…why not?  The rumor is everyone has been rerouted or stranded due to Obama visiting Boston.  How lucky are we?  Flights to DC and Boston!!!  Woo Hoo!

So the doodles are just that, doodles.  Who knows why I started drawing silly fish?  Beats me.  I started with two blobs, one left, one right.  Then I had the idea to turn them into fish.  I added the eyes, fins and lips.  After that, I just started to play with patterns.  I like tattooed “male” fish on the left. He seems a little tough.  While the fish on the right seems a little bit of a princess….Yep, applying social constructs to doodle fish….been in the airport too long!


Next, I told my kids we could get a new cat after vacation because our beloved cat “Pina” died during the last hurricane.  They are very excited.  They told me to draw our new cat….I don’t know what our new cat is going to look like…But I had fun doodling anyway.  As a family, we all agree, the only prerequisite for our new cat is that it is friendly.  We had Pina for 12 years and she hated people.  That included us!  Why do we want another cat????  Yeah, exactly!

2013-04-18 18.51.06

So this is my current state.  I’m so glad I washed the chlorine off of myself this morning!  I am about to hit the “post” button and then continue on with the airport monotony.  I am pretty sure after 3 hours of looking at the Boston Terrorist footage, I could ID them if they walk by…Uggh… Total sadness, drummed into my head non-stop… Way to end my vacation!

But really, we are OK.  We have tons of electronics, tons of junk food, and each other.  Who could ask for anything more!

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-IMG_6044 -IMG_6139 -IMG_6091 -IMG_6099 -IMG_6105 -IMG_6174

I owed my daughter big time.  She is a really good kid and with a dramatic little brother, she has to hold her own a lot.

This is why I declared Sunday a Mommy Daughter Day!

My daughter is so very smart.  She loves to learn, loves to read and loves all animal life.

My dining room is currently empty of all artwork  and I started to wonder what I would want to display there if I actually put some thought into it.  This has been on my mind for quite a few days now.  The space is about 10′ high by 12′ wide.  First I thought of 4 large panels that featured the 4 different seasons, then I thought what if I did 4 large panels of the seasons and our local farms….It sounds really pretty, but maybe a little to traditional for my decor.

The curtains in my dining room have a 2 foot crab pattern 

and after a year, I still enjoy looking at them (I live by the sea which makes sense!)

So I scrapped the fields and farms and thought giant 4 panel fish tank or maybe aquarium…

Aquarium!  Great idea! I need images to study…

…oh daughter…want to take a road trip?

So off we went this morning. We packed some lunches, sketch books and cameras and headed out to find some inspiration for artwork.

It was great having my little sidekick photographing and documenting what she was seeing and I had a blast playing with my Canon Rebel!  She’s old enough now that we can stop and read about everything we are looking at which makes for a terrific companion.

We had a little picnic outside (Us crazy New Englanders think 45 degree weather is reason to picnic!) and simply enjoyed the day.-IMG_6067

I have always said my most creative endeavor is my kids.  Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing, pay attention and go fill the well.

It was truly a creative and inspiring day.  So stay tuned.  I have so many beautiful photos now that I’m sure they will be creeping into my work!

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I went away this weekend.  It was my first challenge of waking up in a foreign land and having to create something!

 On my girlfriend’s counter sat two beta fish.  I sort of found this amusing.  It’s like pet 1 and pet 2.  Frick and Frack.  Actually their names are Blaze & Godfreid.  The poor betas can’t be put in a bowl together because they’d destroy one another, so they remain apart….but she keeps them together….

Together Apart or Apart Together?

It’s kind of funny, my friend thinks these fish stuck on her counter are kind of ugly.   Also, she  recently moved and hasn’t ripped down the 1980’s wallpaper. She told me not to “dare post that wallpaper to the public“!  So of course I’m going to!  But in the end she did wind up amazed I made her kid’s fish and the disgusting wallpaper look as nice as I did.  Nothing like a paint brush editor!

So now I own a pocket water color set, pocket paint brush and a 9×12 block of water color paper. They all conveniently fit in my purse.  So no matter what….no matter where….I will be ready!

Yikes!…better start thinking about tomorrow!

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