Normal is So Overrated


Quite sadly, my last bike was stolen right out of my yard while filling our moving van.  It wasn’t the greatest bike, but it was still my bike.

Very kindly, my mother-in-law offered up her old bike.  It’s a gray old Mongoose.  Nothing fancy, yet quite functional.

I’m at the point in my life, where I really don’t want a fancy car (that can be broken into), I don’t want an expensive bike (that can be stolen right out of my yard), nor do I want precious materials throughout my home (that would make me lose sleep and want to buy an alarm system).

I simply want comfy things and well thought-out pieces that I can enjoy every day. And yet, if they were no longer in my life, it wouldn’t  cause me any angst. In fact, it would bring me joy because then I’d have a reason to hunt for a new well worn-out treasure!

_aIMG_0233 (2)

My little girl thought it would be a great idea to take those new duct tapes on the market and decorate what she has termed my ” ugly bike”.

_aIMG_0233 (4) _aIMG_0233 (5) _aIMG_0233 (6)

She just so happens to have a not-so-normal mother who thought this was a flipping splendid idea!

We duct-taped my bike.  It now looks like Pee-Wee Herman’s flower garden and I simply love it.

If it gets worn-out, I’ll pick new tape and if someone tries to steal it, well good luck riding this bike through town.

I think we all shall know who it belongs to!

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For some reason when I woke up this morning I felt like changing the color of the roses.  The roses were from my garden and in real life they are cherry red.  The color is mystically somewhere between red and hot-pink.  Although I have tried, I just can’t duplicate its magnificence, so might as well go with my imagination.  Red it is!

Now this painting is not a true rendering, it’s loopy on purpose.  It is a contour drawing that I then water colored.  I like it when other artists work is loose and imprecise, so I figured I’d try to loosen up a little too.  The paintings take on a bit more personality and quirkiness I think.

Roses with Rosemary also features a couple of my pieces of pottery.  I love how the bleeding of watercolors is similar to the blending in glazes.  They are imperfect and flow where they want to go.  I like this about both mediums.

Also, this watercolor is smaller than I have been working lately.  It is an 11″ x 14″ and yet it still took me two days.  That’s roses for ya.

I may be resigned to smaller canvases as I try to navigate through this marathon of a month, but hey, I started small so maybe that’s fitting.

Tonight is opening night for my daughter’s play.  I’d tell you to wish her luck and to break a leg, but she’s actually the kid that would land in the emergency room.  So let’s just wish her a happy & exciting night and smooth sailing for mom!


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Sixty-five days left baby!!!

Guess what I’m doing on January 2nd… NOTHING!

OK. Now I can get back to my jewels…


Today and yesterday were spent on the road visiting relatives.  I decided to try making a beaded floral necklace while sitting in the car. I realized, I didn’t really show how I was making each flower yesterday.  Here is a break-down.


After I made all the flowers, I then wired each single flower to another thicker gauge of wire.


To protect myself from scratchy wires I glued black satin ribbon to the back.


I finished up with some black beads and I am now in business.

It’s perfect timing too, I have a fancy fundraiser to go to next weekend.

Instead of picking some jewelry to go with my outfit, I am going to have to find an outfit to go with my new necklace!

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Greetings from the road!

I knew I’d be away this weekend so I needed to find something creative to do on my car ride.


I’ve owned this necklace for years.  It’s my favorite. I love it!

I always wanted to try making a wire floral necklace. Today seemed as good as any!


First I had to choose the right beads for the project from the hundreds I’ve accumulated in my basement.

I was looking for discs, ovals and tear drop beads.  I figured out all my possibilities and then reduced my selection to a few.  Next, I poly bagged them so I could work on one small flower at a time while in the car.

IMG_6688 IMG_6690 IMG_6692

This is as far as I got.  It took longer than I thought.  Each bead gets its own wire.  This meant I probably twisted over a hundred wires!

Tomorrow I still have a few more flowers to make and then I have to figure out how to wire them all together.  I don’t have a book or tutorial or anything, I’m just making it up as I go along.

Hopefully it works out.  I itch for new things as the seasons change.  You know, as the weather changes, your clothing changes.  Everybody likes a little something new. Luckily I don’t have to look any further than my basement!

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Today I began to paint the dahlias I purchased at a local farm stand a little while back.

I finished the sketch on Monday, so today I was ready to roll.

This particular dahlia is quite large.  It measures 12 x 12 inches within my 18 x 20 inch painting.


This was a photo I had taken the day I picked up the dahlias.  I had previously completed paintings already sitting on my shelf.  I just marveled at the blues in the painting against the corals in the flowers and decided they all must stay together.  The coconut milk can is what the dahlias actually came in from the farm stand. Again the blues and greens against the oranges and yellows.  The can had to stay too.   I then added in the striped fabric for the “something zany” which made my floral study complete.


Just looking at my painting thus far gives me a burst of energy.  This dahlia looks like a fireball.  It was a lot of fun to paint.  I had to be very patient and slowly allow the yellow and red to bleed into each other, one by one, petal by petal.

Dahlias are truly stunning to behold.

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#229- RED RED ROSES (1)

Another horrible photo taken at night.  I will have to retake it in the morning.

This is painting #6 in my windowsill series.  Red roses from the bushes my father bought me for my birthday.

There ya go.

Instead of asking for roses, ask for rose bushes!  This way you get dozens and dozens for years to come.

Best gift ever.

I’m keeping it short. Here is the progression:

#229- RED RED ROSES (2) #229- RED RED ROSES (3)

Here is the series:

#228 - SWEET DAISIES (6) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (3) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (2) #228 - SWEET DAISIES (5) #229- RED RED ROSES (1)

Ok. Off to bed.  I’ll start all over in the morning!

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This is Day two of a floral series I am working on during my Creative 365.

I have my kids home with me for the summer.  They are still at the age where they actually want  their mom with them (so I will be there until I’m no longer wanted!) This makes art/creative time a bit limited. I have about 3 hours to create something before my entire household falls apart!

Thus I picked a sweet and simple subject matter to carry me through this week.  I am painting the bud vases I created in pottery, filled with different flowers from my garden.

Similar to yesterday, this 9×12 watercolor has about 40 minutes to an hour of work still needed.  I need to create leaf shadows, more vase shadows and give a bit more depth to the hydrangea flower petals.

IMG_3493 IMG_3513

So now I have two paintings that need a little finishing.  I have to decide if I want to do that tomorrow, or do a whole bunch of finishing at the end of the week (when there are more I probably haven’t finished!).  It seems I am just shy of the time that is needed for these little puppies.

We’ll see.

Knowing me, I will start on a new one.  New beginnings are always more fun than tying up loose ends!  Which reminds me my electricity is going to get shut off if I don’t get around to paying those bills…Uggh.  There’s just not enough time in a day!


Ah, no worries, somehow I will get it all done.  I stopped worrying about stuff like that, so one-hundred-and-fifty days ago!

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DAY # 223 – MY WINDOWSILL (series)


I’ve been taking pottery classes for months.  Before the summer break, I completed a bunch of tiny bud vases in anticipation of filling them with all of the beautiful flowers from my gardens.

#223 - MY WINDOWSILL series  (5) #223 - MY WINDOWSILL series  (10) #223 - MY WINDOWSILL series  (7) #223 - MY WINDOWSILL series  (6) #223 - MY WINDOWSILL series  (9) #223 - MY WINDOWSILL series  (8)

I have a little ritual every Sunday.  I empty the previous weeks flowers, rinse out my vases, fill them with clean water and prepare for a new week of flowers.

I love this little ritual. Not only are the flowers beautiful in their own right, but the ritual of having to find different flowers for all of the little vases, forces me to pay attention and tune into my surroundings.  I walk through my yard looking over, looking under, taking in my gardens.  Way to often, especially this year, I am rushing around creating art, taking care of the kids, fulfilling obligations.  The saying “Stop to smell the roses” is famous for a reason.  Life is short, the life span of a flower is even shorter, if you don’t stop to take it all in, you’ll miss it.

This upcoming week will be another full-time home with the kids week.  My time will be stretched thin.  Each day I will work on a small 9×12 inch watercolor of my bud vases and flowers from my garden.  By the end of the week, it is my hope that I will have recreated the scene from my windowsill. This way, I can enjoy my garden’s beauty for just a little longer.

IMG_3492 IMG_3493

Here is a photo of today’s painting.  I’m about an hour away from completing it. I still have to finish the center buds, the back ground and a bit of glazing throughout the painting to create a little more depth.

This is one of my first bud vases I ever created.  It’s a line textured dome in a vast array of greens.  The flowers are Rose of Sharon, a favorite August flower.

Today I didn’t observe and then draw what I saw, Instead I observed, took in the attributes of each item and then composed my own image based on what I thought would make a more complete and balanced design.  I forget, I have this control. I am the eye of the beholder.  I plan on playing with this whole series.  Paying careful attention to the composition instead of simply observing a still life.  We will see by the end of the week whether anyone can tell a difference in my work.

Until then, take my advice, it’s well worth it. Get out there and smell your roses!

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I had no idea what I was going to do today. THE 200th DAY OF MY CREATIVITY CHALLENGE!!

My table is filled with tons of hand crafted stamps I made this week, so I went that route.

I thought to myself “How about I make a super colorful painting?  Not of any real type of flower, just fun and imaginative.”  So that’s what I did.  I didn’t really over think it.  I picked up one stamp, painted on color, picked up another stamp and chose some more color, until my canvas was full.

The bird to the right, is a tribute to my daughter.  She got a real kick out of making stamps this week too, so I used one of the stamps she created in my painting.  This way, when I look at the painting, I will think of the time we spent together making them.  The bird art also represents my great love of kids art as a whole.  The freedom in children’s art is something I cannot replicate, no matter how hard I try!  There’s no over-thinking or over-philosophizing, they just create.  God bless em’!

It’s funny that today’s thoughts were that I wanted today’s painting to be “colorful”.  Looking back at the past 200 days, was there any day that my work wasn’t colorful???


That’s just how I roll.

Add so much color…It winds up over-the-top!

Well, if creating something colorful is my ultimate goal, I think I can safely say:


Looking forward to my last 165!

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