2nd Set of Secret Garden: Peacock


5×7″ study for Secret Garden Series

You simply can’t have an imaginary garden without a peacock. You just can’t!  One of our local farms has peacocks roaming freely.  I can’t help but follow them around. They intrigue me to no end. Gosh darn it, they are exotic looking and so much fun to paint!

Below are two different studies I have completed.  Newest to the left.


I like the change of venue for the peacock,  but the Egyptian scarab is just too blatant.  I have started a third series of sketches and wound up changing it entirely.  I do like the blue and white wall painting though. Something like that will resurface in the new one.  That, and I’m adding a Siamese cat. Because let’s face it, I kind of have an Asian animal theme going on, so why not!

Feeling the Blues

__2018-01-10 09.11.26b

Not feeling like I have any control over the subject matter, composition or colors, but I’ll show you how I tamed this wild beast from some dots and crosshatches to at least something… Negative painting (painting the background instead of the foreground) seemed to go well.  It’s how you edit the mess and I’m finding it’s the key to creating the composition.  I will take what I learned and move forward.

Blue Still Life

11×14 acrylic and charcoal

Normal is So Overrated


Quite sadly, my last bike was stolen right out of my yard while filling our moving van.  It wasn’t the greatest bike, but it was still my bike.

Very kindly, my mother-in-law offered up her old bike.  It’s a gray old Mongoose.  Nothing fancy, yet quite functional.

I’m at the point in my life, where I really don’t want a fancy car (that can be broken into), I don’t want an expensive bike (that can be stolen right out of my yard), nor do I want precious materials throughout my home (that would make me lose sleep and want to buy an alarm system).

I simply want comfy things and well thought-out pieces that I can enjoy every day. And yet, if they were no longer in my life, it wouldn’t  cause me any angst. In fact, it would bring me joy because then I’d have a reason to hunt for a new well worn-out treasure!

_aIMG_0233 (2)

My little girl thought it would be a great idea to take those new duct tapes on the market and decorate what she has termed my ” ugly bike”.

_aIMG_0233 (4) _aIMG_0233 (5) _aIMG_0233 (6)

She just so happens to have a not-so-normal mother who thought this was a flipping splendid idea!

We duct-taped my bike.  It now looks like Pee-Wee Herman’s flower garden and I simply love it.

If it gets worn-out, I’ll pick new tape and if someone tries to steal it, well good luck riding this bike through town.

I think we all shall know who it belongs to!


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Any Guess What These Are?


How many of you guessed Frogs?

How many of you have no idea what a frog is?

_axxx (2)

_axxx (3)_axxx (1)

_axxx (4)

Well in celebration of upcoming Mother’s Day and hopefully the spring tulip season soon surfacing, I made these floral frogs to sell at The Guild’s Pottery Show tonight (6-8pm).  I made the ceramic frogs from slab pottery and they rest on top of old fashioned Ball jars.  They keep your flowers upright and seperated.

I can’t wait for everything in my yard to bloom.  I will have my jars ready and waiting!


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For some reason when I woke up this morning I felt like changing the color of the roses.  The roses were from my garden and in real life they are cherry red.  The color is mystically somewhere between red and hot-pink.  Although I have tried, I just can’t duplicate its magnificence, so might as well go with my imagination.  Red it is!

Now this painting is not a true rendering, it’s loopy on purpose.  It is a contour drawing that I then water colored.  I like it when other artists work is loose and imprecise, so I figured I’d try to loosen up a little too.  The paintings take on a bit more personality and quirkiness I think.

Roses with Rosemary also features a couple of my pieces of pottery.  I love how the bleeding of watercolors is similar to the blending in glazes.  They are imperfect and flow where they want to go.  I like this about both mediums.

Also, this watercolor is smaller than I have been working lately.  It is an 11″ x 14″ and yet it still took me two days.  That’s roses for ya.

I may be resigned to smaller canvases as I try to navigate through this marathon of a month, but hey, I started small so maybe that’s fitting.

Tonight is opening night for my daughter’s play.  I’d tell you to wish her luck and to break a leg, but she’s actually the kid that would land in the emergency room.  So let’s just wish her a happy & exciting night and smooth sailing for mom!



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#301 - Not for the timid wearer (2)

#301 - Not for the timid wearer (3)

#301 - Not for the timid wearer (4)

I dropped the ball today.  Minor case of the Mondays. I didn’t take any photos of my process!

By the time I thought of it, I was here:

#301 - Not for the timid wearer (1)

…and then I flaked again and didn’t take any more photos until I was done.

Sorry about that.

It appears I have gotten into a little bit of a jewelry mode.  It’s strange, at least 2 or 3 times during my creativity challenge, I’ve attempted to get into jewelry making and I’ve lasted only a day. I designed jewelry and sold it to gift stores for almost a decade. So in that sense, it may have just been old-fashioned creative burnout.

Now, I’ve finally gotten to the time and the season. I personally feel like I need to spruce up my own jewlry wardrobe.  I NEED SOMETHING NEW!  I own SO MANY jewelry components, I would not dare buy a piece of jewelry from a store, so that forced me to get my creative jewelry cap on.

#301 - Not for the timid wearer (5)

Here’s my faithful friend…always at work interfering with my photo shoots!

#301 - Not for the timid wearer (6)

Here is yesterdays necklace photographed in the day light. I finished so late last night I had to take yesterday’s photo in the dark!

OK. I have one more piece rattling around up there in my brain…

I’m going to go try to figure out how to make it!


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Sixty-five days left baby!!!

Guess what I’m doing on January 2nd… NOTHING!

OK. Now I can get back to my jewels…


Today and yesterday were spent on the road visiting relatives.  I decided to try making a beaded floral necklace while sitting in the car. I realized, I didn’t really show how I was making each flower yesterday.  Here is a break-down.


After I made all the flowers, I then wired each single flower to another thicker gauge of wire.


To protect myself from scratchy wires I glued black satin ribbon to the back.


I finished up with some black beads and I am now in business.

It’s perfect timing too, I have a fancy fundraiser to go to next weekend.

Instead of picking some jewelry to go with my outfit, I am going to have to find an outfit to go with my new necklace!


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Hooray! I did it! I finished this painting!

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying not to ruin it!

You know, by dropping my paintbrush filled with black paint on it, accidentally knocking over my water container, leaving the watercolor painting out in the rain…all things I’ve done before that come to mind when I’m working on a painting I actually like.

I really like it!

It’s got my crazy sense of color, I think the composition is interesting, and the center dahlia is drop dead gorgeous!

I will tell you what this still life makes me think of:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Julia Robert’s sister?  or George Clooney’s brother?

I bought three dahlias that day and they were all beautiful, but sometimes one just stands out among the rest.  you know, a star.

I can’t imagine being Beyoncé’s sister the nurse or Obama’s brother the tax accountant.

Man that would stink!

It’s part of life though.  I see it in my everyday life with ordinary people I know.  I see it in nature too.

You can’t quite put your finger on what makes a star a “star”, but you know it when you see it.

I think that’s what I want to try to capture in painting.  Those small things in the world that are STARS.  But like all stars, they are fleeting.  They shoot across the sky and then they are gone.

Painting is one of the oldest forms of documentation of that which a human has seen.  My dahlias from the farm stand lasted all of three days, but my painting can last a lifetime.

I think that’s so darn cool!

#275 - DAY OF THE DAHLIA #276- Flora is Funna (1) #277-BEHIND THE SCENE IMG_5254 #280- FLOWER POWER


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I know, I know.

The subject matter is so sweet you just want to poke your eyes out, but I swear it really was that sweet.  My mom truly had a red polka-dotted vase of farm stand zinnias sitting on her kitchen counter, irresistibly colorful, and just begging to be painted!

Today for the first time in a long time, I had a leisurely morning.  I woke to no alarm, no cat jumping on my belly, no kids asking for clean underwear, instead I woke to my mom.  We chatted, looked out at her lake and enjoyed the quiet.

Then I got to partake in one of my childhood rituals.  My mom and I sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching CBS’s SUNDAY MORNING.  Before kids, everyone in the world knew what I was doing at 9am on Sunday morning.   Our whole family had been watching this program religiously since my grandfather started the ritual decades ago.  We enjoy the current events, arts, film, music and nature all wrapped up in a perfect package.  It is such a wonderful ritual, one I haven’t enjoyed in at least 8 years but miss very much.

It’s the little things.

Cousin Sabina soon woke up.  While we were all gathered in the kitchen, we decided to putz around and paint my mom’s flowers.  Minutes became hours.  We promised Sabina a trip to an “American” diner for pancakes, but it was pushing noon.  We scrambled, got our stuff together and headed out for a very late Sunday breakfast.

Sabina and I were supposed to leave at 2pm to return to Rhode Island, but last-minute, we threw caution to the wind and ventured out to one more museum for a creative artist playdate!

My mother had already seen the collage exhibit at the Katonah Museum of Art in New York.  She swore we had to see it because we were going to love it and she was right!

#258 - MAMAs KITCHEN a (2) #258 - MAMAs KITCHEN a (3)
I got so much inspiration and ideas, my mind is still whirring!
I have to say, I have been to quite a few art exhibits in the past few weeks, but the Katonah Museum was my favorite.  The creativity of all of these collage artists was simply bounding off the walls!
Full from another art tourist adventure, we hopped back in the car to return home.
I have to thank my cousin Sabina (and my mom too!). 
The amount of travel has been a little daunting, but she has forced me to get out and see some amazing stuff.  I need to step up my game and get out there into the realm of the patronage of the arts.  I sort of wrote off that kind of thing when I had kids, but it is time to return to it and maybe even begin to expose my kids to it as well.
God knows my mom dragged me as a kid!
 Now look where I wound up!



Mission Complete.

I finally finished the final bud vase painting out of a series of 12.  The premise was to incorporate my vases I made in pottery class with some of my favorite blossoms from my summer garden.

The colors are so happy.

I’d say my favorites are the sunflower, day lilies and geraniums.

I completed the geranium painting today.


I LOVE red against emerald-green.  My sister observed the fact that I didn’t exactly draw the vase as I saw it.

#242 - HALF WAY THERE (2)

This is correct.

The fun Moroccan print was on a little bowl I made, but I wanted to incorporate it.  So I drew an imaginary vase but then added the desired pattern.  I did this on quite a few of the budvases.  Being the artist, it’s way too fun to tweak the shape and color to your liking.  I just couldn’t resist.  Otherwise I’d might as well had taken photos of my flowers right?

I made it through a fun-filled day with my family.  I have loads of photos and so much to tell, but I’m about to fall over with exhaustion.  I’m throwing in the towel and will hope for a little more energy tomorrow.

Jeez, I don’t have a clue what I am going to do tomorrow!


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