Travel Mugs


Friday? How on earth did it become Friday???

Somehow I have glazed over 70 Christmas ornaments this week and managed to start the travel mugs I’m offering during the holiday season.


My entire family complain that my bases are not skinny enough to fit in the car drink holders and that the handles need to go up higher – so that they fit in the same darn drink holders.

Do you think my family is telling me they want travel mugs???

My family is my best critic because they always push me to better design.

I have to get in there today and add the handles to the terra-cotta clay mugs above.  My design approach is to throw one half of the mug and hand-build the other half.  To me the vessels then possess the best of both worlds.  They are quite time-consuming, but hey, I like what I like.

I have to say, I’m looking forward to the finished product. Pretty much –because I want a travel mug too!

Hand-Built Color



These are slab-built mugs.  Usually I combine wheel-thrown with slab-rolled clay, but after seeing completely hand-built mugs the other day, I thought why not?

They are wildly imperfect which I love in pottery.  I like to see and feel the person who made the vessel’s hands on the piece.

Plus add a ton of colorful underglazes and now they say “Mary’s hands” all over them! For their second firing, I am going to rub the glossy glazes into the crevices like tile grout.  The finished product looks something like this:


So all though they look like they are going to be crazy bright, they will be tamed down a bit by the glazes.  Colorful but traditional. Ok. Maybe not so traditional.  Maybe I should just call them crazy-happy?

Skeleton Mugs



Just dropped these to the kiln today.



I wheel threw the heads and hand-built the bases. Then, I painted them with underglazes.


The first time I made these I didn’t add handles and everyone at my holiday shows said “can you make these with handles?”  Yep. Handles it is!

When they come out of the kiln I will rub them with black underglaze and then apply some regular glazes.  It’s the part I am most nervous about. At this point I am in for many many hours and I can very easily ruin them by choosing or applying the glazes wrong.

I shall hold my breath ;)