Beginning to Feel a Bit Like Christmas!


Apparently I never “officially” said it, but I have backed away from all events because I wanted to devote this year to painting.

With that said, The Narragansett Arts Guild, which was the group I got together with every week of the summer to sell art by the beach, is having a big Hoorah to end 2017.

So, FOR THE RECORD – THIS IS THE ONLY EVENT BE CREATIVE MARY IS ATTENDING this holiday season.  I have pottery, jewelry and cards.  But it’s not just me, this is a fantastic collaborative of artists whom I look forward to seeing. Especially since I haven’t seen them since Labor Day!  There will be music, food and lot’s to see.  Come join us this Thursday from 4-9 pm. I’ll be there with bells on ;)

Hi Neighbor!

__2017-07-26 12.46.50.jpg

In garbage picking the other day (totally normal!), I stumbled on a Narragansett Beer bottle cap.

Hmm… I am selling my wares off the Narragansett sea wall and these bottle caps have ‘Gansett  written on them… hmmm…what can I make out of these???

So I made a few necklaces and a bracelet to try out tonight.  Let’s see if anyone finds these cool or wonders why I strung some garbage on a chain and tried to sell it ;)


__2017-06-24 19.19.22

Time is flying!

From the day of my first festival, it’s been non-stop!

__2017-07-18 07.51.45

__2017-06-24 17.06.54__2017-06-28 20.27.52__2017-06-28 20.04.03__2017-06-28 20.24.24_2017-07-05 18.00.07.jpg

This weekly festival I am doing is awesome.  I have a fantastic ocean view and everyone that stumbles by is in a “I’m on vacation” groovy kind of mood. Great vibes. Cool breeze.

Things are good :)

I was away on my family vacation last week. I have some fun artsy-fartsy projects we accomplished on our rain days… and there were a few of those. I’ll post in the next day or so.

I hope everyone is enjoyed nature and the great outdoors. Carpe the Diem out of this awesome season!