Surfer’s Christmas – RI Christmas Card Series

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I think this image is one of my faves.  There’s just something nostalgic about it.  Who wouldn’t want to go Christmas tree shopping in an old vehicle?  And what surfer wouldn’t want a vintage woody to strap their board to?

Narragansett, RI is famous for its seawall.  It wraps around 3.5 miles of breathtaking Atlantic coastline. It’s where us locals go to catch our first whiff of spring and where every tourist HAS TO take their selfie.

So, without great detail, my image hints at the seawall.  I have a friend who grew up in Newport, RI and said the card reminded her of the seawall there which is great.  It’s a universal nod to our entire region.

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I’m reminded of the phrase “Salt in my Veins”.  I live that.  I love that. I have traveled to many regions and encountered many seas, but only in New England do I inhale this distinct smell of rotting seaweed, fish and salt.  It is so pungent and so strong.  I’ve not smelled it in the south, nor the west, nor any countries abroad. It is a North Atlantic smell.

It’s what brings me to the seawall.

It’s how I know I’m home.





Hi Neighbor!

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In garbage picking the other day (totally normal!), I stumbled on a Narragansett Beer bottle cap.

Hmm… I am selling my wares off the Narragansett sea wall and these bottle caps have ‘Gansett  written on them… hmmm…what can I make out of these???

So I made a few necklaces and a bracelet to try out tonight.  Let’s see if anyone finds these cool or wonders why I strung some garbage on a chain and tried to sell it ;)

Two more Summer Seaside Cards


Two more South County, RI notecards.

My daughter just looked over my shoulder and told me the seagull haiku above has only six syllables instead of seven in it’s center verse.

Oh great. Just terrific! I’m glad I sent them all out to print a week ago!

I sure hope there are no poets or English majors hanging out on the sea wall this summer!




This is one of my personal favorite places.  I don’t take for granted just how “New England” the port of Galilee in Narragansett is.


Even if I’ve been there a hundred times, watching the fisherman load and unload the fishing boats is magical.  It’s one of those professions that hasn’t changed much in a century.   When my kids were babies I’d take them to wave at the boats and feed the seagulls.  I can’t tell you how many hours we passed this way.

Happy memories.



I am participating in this summer’s Narragansett art Festival. It takes place the weekend of June 27-28.

These are ceramic wall hangings I am creating for all of our beachy houses here. Well, I guess they could be trays too for a coffee table.

I am headed in now to underglaze them, but it’s tough, I sort of like them natural…

We shall see what I decide….

I hope I don’t sell them all because I want one!



Yesterday I was running around my town like a crazy person!

I had to meet some one at the Block Island ferry and then join my family for a town-wide scavenger hunt.  Better to call it a wild goose chase!

Scavenger hunts force you to rush.  There were probably 100 things to do or find in a two-hour time frame.  For example, here were some items:  Wiffle ball, red lipstick, mustard packet, mussel shell, take out menu, candy necklace, bird feather, Silly-Puddy, Narragansett beer coaster, Splenda packet and an empty ketchup bottle.

What does this have to do with today’s painting?

Well, in running around trying to find these crazy objects, I popped into the beach.


We needed a bunch of sea shells and a bird feather. What better place to find them right?

I smelled the salt air and it stopped me dead in my tracks.  It occurred to me , right at that moment, I hadn’t been to the beach since Labor Day.  Yeah so what, most people haven’t been to the beach since Labor Day… But I live 2.5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. How could the sea have fallen off my radar for well over a month?



Like a scurrying little ant, I’ve been running around, getting back into school, soccer and volunteer work and it’s taken me away from my simple ritual of observance.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had that moment where you realize you haven’t looked up at the stars in the night sky for over a month?  It happens to me from time to time.  It makes me realize, I’ve become over-focused on the minutiae of everyday life and I’m no longer taking in the big picture nor my connection to the universe.

It’s like the realization of the smallness of humans.

The sky is immense. The sea is a natural wonder.  Both of these parts of my world are there to teach me, to nurture me, to keep me balanced.

I took a little time today to appreciate my surroundings and to re-adjust my priorities.

I don’t ever want to take where I live for granted.

I constantly feel blessed.

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