The Divine in the Mundane


Asiatic Lily










It’s amazing I ever get where I’m going because I’m always getting lost along the way!

These images are from my front yard.  The most typical of suburban plants you can find.  Yet I get mesmerized from my mail box to my front door every morning.

It most likely stems from being cooped up for way to many months.  All of a sudden one blade of green grass is enough hope to allow you to dream of being warm again. But the morning dew is what distracts me enough to pull out my camera.

My camera is like a microscope and telescope all built into one.  It allows me to filter out that which is over-stimulating and at the same time see the world at a distance.

I can only imagine what my neighbors must think about the woman sitting in her front yard flower bed talking to herself (but then again they must be used to it).

But I was talking to myself. These words came right out loud and I was not thinking them:

Even the most common, through a lens, looks majestic.

Now this is where I started talking back to myself.  I thought where ever that beautiful observation came from, which I swear was not me, I agree with you!

I said out loud. “You are so right!”.

When you here a voice inside you that you know not to be your own, yes, you could call yourself bat-shit crazy. But, I’m of the opinion that we all have a higher Form within us.  You can call intuition, you can call it God, your Higher Self –whichever; it’s there.

It’s that we don’t hear it until we are quiet.

I urge you, while your walking your dog, walking yourself or walking to the mailbox, try it.

Grab your camera and hone in on your little part of this world.IMG_4370

Even the every day can appear majestic! 

Emilie Ruecker Wildlfe Refuge

For the next three months (or as long as my attention span can hold out!) I will be exploring landscapes.  I only briefly touched on them during my 365 and there is so much more to learn and explore.

This prompted me to take a hike with Jeanine the head of RI Families in Nature.  We set off yesterday to hike some trails in Tiverton, RI.  I’d never been to that neck of the woods which was plenty enough reason to go!

Thinking of painting compositions all along the trails, this was some of the beauty I took in.  I thought I’d share it:

Ruebeck (27) Ruebeck (36)a Ruebeck (22) Ruebeck (38)a Ruebeck (42)a Ruebeck (48)a

What a gorgeous day.  I received plenty of inspiration. Thank you Universe!