My Childhood Poem


OK. Drumroll please…..

This is the haiku poem I wrote in the third grade!!!  Thank you to my teacher Mrs. Mylnar for introducing me to the awesomest form of poetry ever!!!

Now think about this.  When I was 9 yrs old I lived on a dead-end road out in the middle of country. I find it so cool that I have this poem as a personal piece of history to actually reflect on what I was thinking about in the third grade.

Where the green grass grows

and the hot sand burns your toes

That’s where I live best

My inner third-grader wanted to live by the beach and guess what???

 Thirty years later I -I –I live by the beach! There you go -the power of manifestation. magic. poof. The universe is too cool.

So this silly little poem is what prompted me to write haiku poems in the middle of the night. Alas none of them could ever be as good as the one from 3rd grade.  Mic drop. I should have quit while I was ahead :)


This will be in the beach line of notecards for summer 2017.

Favorite Places


I’ve been creating touristy notecards to sell by the beach this summer.  They represent some of my favorite experiences in South County where I live.  Brickley’s Ice Cream is a MUST.  Especially for us locals.  It’s where you go after a ball game, to celebrate a school achievement, after the beach, after dinner…you catch my drift?

There’s always a long line.  The ice cream is that good. The fun thing is, the whole town is in the line so it’s the place to be!  We hug, chat, catch up and all the kids get to run around with their friends eating ice cream.

Really, does it get any better than that? 

Oh, one more thing. Remember I mentioned not being able to sleep at 3am and writing over 20 haiku poems before finally going back to sleep that night???  There’s a little haiku homage to Brickley’s at the bottom of this card. I have to admit I thought my haikus were prolific that night. It may have been a little bit of delirium. So, if there are any skillful word-sters out there who would like to improve on my poems, I’d welcome the input!



Every time I come home from the library with a big heavy art book, I find yet another wave of inspiration!

This past visit reintroduced me to the work of Grandma Moses. When I was a child Grandma Moses was one of my favorite artists. I believe it’s because there is just so darn much to look at!  Her paintings tell stories about her life, where she lived and how she felt about things.  As an adult I still look at all of the detail with wonder and amazement.  But now I realize how valuable these paintings are historically. They document life on a farm during the early 19oo’s.  People rode horses, hung laundry, quilted, canned, & gardened. We may have forgone some of those traditions in the name of technology, but the idea of documenting one’s memories, great loves and surroundings seems like a valuable endeavor.

Worth a try right?


For those who know South County, Rhode Island where I live, they know it’s not just a town we love, it’s an area.

Because Rhode Island is such a small state, everything is a hop, skip and a jump. South County is a region of the state.  It is where you find the most sea-shore.

In my painting, I combined 5 towns into one.  The theme is Autumn in South County so I took all the different things I love to do and wrapped them all into one. It may not be technically accurate, but it is what I am considering a memory painting.

When I look at this painting I will think of how gorgeous the sailboats are as you drive over the Jamestown & Newport bridges.   How quiet all the towns are after the tourists have gone home.  I think of Galilee, where you can watch the lobsterman head out to sea.  Off in the distance are the Beavertail and Narragansett Lighthouses. Center left is historic Casey Farm.  This is where Rhode Island Red chickens are raised.  Dead center is “The Tower” or some locals call it “The Tow-ah”.  The longer you live here, the more reasons you find to never pass the tower. Meaning you never leave South County!  Hey want to go to Boston? Providence? Connecticut?  Nope. too far most locals would say.  “We’ll just stay here.”  I used to think this was one of the oddest things, now I find myself one of them.  In Jamestown, across from Watson Farm is where I go to see the large hay bails.  They look like giant jelly rolls randomly strewn across the field. North Kingstown is where I go apple picking and by the time the fall is over, I will have most likely taken my kids to 4 different farm festivals filled with hayrides, corn mazes, homemade French fries and pumpkin picking. I also added my little town.  we are all sad when Brickley’s ice cream closes for the winter.  I included our Neighborhood Guild, playground and bike path too.

My final thought on autumn is of course Halloween.  This year my son is going to be a court Jester skeleton and my daughter Cleopatra.  I stuck them in the hay wagon since they are the ones that inspire me to get outdoors and enjoy it all!

This painting is a 10×20 inch watercolor.  I might just have to create memory paintings of the other three seasons too!

Thanks for the memories Grandma Moses.  I find your ideas delightful!

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Yesterday I was running around my town like a crazy person!

I had to meet some one at the Block Island ferry and then join my family for a town-wide scavenger hunt.  Better to call it a wild goose chase!

Scavenger hunts force you to rush.  There were probably 100 things to do or find in a two-hour time frame.  For example, here were some items:  Wiffle ball, red lipstick, mustard packet, mussel shell, take out menu, candy necklace, bird feather, Silly-Puddy, Narragansett beer coaster, Splenda packet and an empty ketchup bottle.

What does this have to do with today’s painting?

Well, in running around trying to find these crazy objects, I popped into the beach.


We needed a bunch of sea shells and a bird feather. What better place to find them right?

I smelled the salt air and it stopped me dead in my tracks.  It occurred to me , right at that moment, I hadn’t been to the beach since Labor Day.  Yeah so what, most people haven’t been to the beach since Labor Day… But I live 2.5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. How could the sea have fallen off my radar for well over a month?



Like a scurrying little ant, I’ve been running around, getting back into school, soccer and volunteer work and it’s taken me away from my simple ritual of observance.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had that moment where you realize you haven’t looked up at the stars in the night sky for over a month?  It happens to me from time to time.  It makes me realize, I’ve become over-focused on the minutiae of everyday life and I’m no longer taking in the big picture nor my connection to the universe.

It’s like the realization of the smallness of humans.

The sky is immense. The sea is a natural wonder.  Both of these parts of my world are there to teach me, to nurture me, to keep me balanced.

I took a little time today to appreciate my surroundings and to re-adjust my priorities.

I don’t ever want to take where I live for granted.

I constantly feel blessed.

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