A Few of my Favorite Things


I started making jewelry oh probably 15 years ago.  The jewelry I was seeing in stores was just not sparkly or colorful enough.  So I tried my hand at making my own pieces.  I was working for my family picture framing & art gallery when a customer came in and loved a necklace I was wearing.  His son had a pretty famous website and he thought he’d probably want to sell my creations.

What? Someone might want to buy something I simply made for fun???

That concept had never been a consideration and this amazing creative lightbulb went off.  What if I could spend everyday just having fun making things I enjoyed making?  Well then I’d never have to work another day in my life – because it would never feel like work  -it would feel like play.

That unsuspecting customer coming in and commenting on my necklace changed my life.  It created a personal paradigm shift within and I’ve never turned back.

Now I’m definitely not a millionaire.  In fact, if I didn’t marry the most supportive guy I know, this wouldn’t be a reality.   I pretty much have been able to live to this concept.

I have fun enjoying things I make.

Now this brings me to this wonderful Ted talk I listened to.  If you are someone who sells ANYTHING in this gosh-for-saken world, listen to this amazing concept!

 Here’s the motivational speaker Simon Sinek:



My take away from this Ted talk is a fundamental notion.  “PEOPLE DON’T BUY WHAT YOU DO THEY BUY WHY YOU DO IT!”

Are people buying this little piece of sparkly metal to put around their neck because it’s my job, I produce material objects and we all need more material objects?

Hell no!

It’s because people can sense my excitement, my passion for fun and for sparkle!  I love what I do and I think you will too!  I love that I have the most colorful things I have ever seen.  That makes me smile.  People fundamentally want a part of that.

Passion, play, excitement, humor, a good smile.  I agree with Simon Sinek.  People want more of that than they want the what.



So as I travel on into the Christmas Bazaar Battlefields, I will smile and carry my enthusiasm for the little things that bring me joy!