Greetings from Miami!

Again, weeks are flying by without any blogging, or for me, reflection!

That is why I love blogging so much. I reflect on the whirl of my life!

These past couple weeks have definitely been a whirl wind!  I was home with the kids for a very wintery RI school break, I helped make 20 bowls with kids to donate to our Soup for Syria event, I started cleaning out 15 years worth of art supplies from my basement, I moved into a new art studio, I started painting, I’m creating 7 skeleton mugs at pottery as well as finishing off some really cool handled-bowls for my own family’s personal use…plus ferrying kids to and from all sorts of fun kid experiences…its been nuts. I’m nuts! Plus my husband has a week’s worth of business to take care of in Miami Florida which sounded way warmer than Rhode Island, so I tagged along for some peace and quiet.


       I haven’t gotten too much of that. We’ve been wining and dining and boating and wining and dining…. But as I sit now, I am alone and it’s quiet. A black and yellow butterfly just flew past me and there are bees at my toes collecting clover. Oh, there runs a little lizard! It is the only bad part about living through a New England winter. All of those small signs of life are dormant; but I do know they will return. With that said, I will enjoy the sound of the wind blowing through the palm fronds and I will embrace this very short respite.

OK. This is the first time ever (even through my 365 day blogging experience) that I will try to blog from my phone.  I am usually at my big double-screened home computer. There I can view all my photos and make sense of my life.

From my phone, I Only have fits and bursts. I don’t have access to all of my life, but I am going to scroll through and observe all of my creative mayhem!

Sorry to clog your mailboxes, but I am going to send out a bunch of mini blogs instead of a three hour blog bonanza. if anything, in doing so, my parents will know I’m still kicking and ah, did I mention I was going to Miami mom and dad?  Yeah, I think I forgot :)



Is it just me or does it feel absolutely horrible putting on your nice warm coat or settling in to your nice warm bed?  Watching the Syrian Conflict unfold has been heartbreaking.

My 9 year old was given the task at school of finding a community service project somewhere in the community to participate in.  Each kid in the class was on there own.  I told my son to try to give what ever he deemed to be one of his strengths.  He loves to cook so we started there.

A woman in my pottery studio had read in the paper that a local woman was volunteering at The Nour Education Program in Lebanon and how it was a school set up for Syrian refugee children.  It was decided that our pottery studio would host a fundraiser for this school.

My son and I decided this was the perfect community service project to invest in.  The studio needs potters to donate their ceramic creations to the event so that each person who makes a financial donation can take home a hand-crafted bowl.  They need homemade soup to feed the guests of the event and homemade bread. Make bowls and cook?  We got this!

I also volunteered to make the flyer for the event and I have to say, I am so proud of myself!  That’s my bowl! (ok and my husbands curry too!) But, I made that!!!  I photographed it and designed the flyer too.  I’m so thrilled with how it came out!  I can’t believe I made something in pottery that looks so darn cool on a flyer (yes, yes and my husbands curry too!)

Pardon me for gushing on myself.  I don’t do it that often, but once in a while I can recognize I done pretty darn good!

Now where was I….


Oh yeah… Time to make some bowls!  My son decided to invite a bunch of his friends to come to the pottery studio to create a ceramic bowl to donate to the event.

They did an amazing job.  Without any prompts, the most beautiful things were etched into their bowls.  Words like “Pay it forward”, “Be the Inspirer”, “Know the Fun” &  “Joy, Joy, Joy!”  Kids are awesome.  They really are.  I love that my kid’s school has them thinking about the world at large and people in their community.  What can you do to help?  How can you be helpful?  I tell ya, I know I wasn’t doing community service in 3rd grade. I think I was drooling on an eraser and drawing on my desk!  Huh.

2016-01-29 10.56.25

I was not prepared for the turn-out of kids.  We made 19 bowls in total!

2016-02-03 06.45.07

This was my son’s bowl.

OMG. I will be the first patron in line to get that bowl –grandparents, don’t even think about it!!!

 So we are off to a great start.  I glazed all 19 bowls today.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out.  My son has decided he is going to cook up a batch of loaded baked potato soup and Dad is going to teach his son how to bake bread.  We are hoping for a good turn out and have started the process for a second fundraiser for the same refugee school.



These photos were taken by Katie Jones at the Nour School.

It’s my hope that my son learns a valuable lesson.  You can’t save the world. You just can’t.  -but you can pick a spot and start making it better! 

That’s how us humans get things done!

Aint No Time Like The Present!


Well, this is it.

Today is February 1st.

I told myself the day after Christmas that I would work on opening an Etsy shop until February 1st and then I would stop and go back to painting.

I only got 39 items listed.  I probably have 100 more items to add, but from here on in, it will be in fits and starts.  I need to paint.  I haven’t painted since September 1st.  That’s almost 5 months!  How can that be?  It is definitely how it feels.  I’m terrified to start painting again because I feel like I’ve forgotten everything I learned!  I’m hoping it’s like riding a bike :)  I’m also hoping the break cleared my jumbled mind from all the concepts I stuffed inside it.  I get to start with a clean slate and see what my intuition has decided to keep and what ideas and information it will politely decline. Mmmm….I have absolutely no clue what will come out!

OK. Back to Etsy…

To celebrate, I have created a coupon code:  GRANDOPEN1

This entitles shoppers to a 20% discount on items in my new store.

If people could share, favorite or promote my shop in anyway, I’d really appreciate it!  It stinks having no likes,interactions or feedback, but I know, I know, …you have to start somewhere!

I thank you all for continuing on my journey as I navigate all things creative.  I don’t always know what I’m doing, but I don’t mind sticking my neck out there to on trying! ;)

Here’s to a knew year of painting and pottery.  I am so excited to get my feet wet!