My Rhode Island







I just finished a series of paintings of some of my favorite local locals.

_2016-05-11 09.43.49

The painting at top left was a little 12 x 16 painting I did during my 365.  Back then I had spent weeks trying to minimalize my painting style as much as possible.  I had loved the effect and promised to return to the concept, but you know me…I got distracted :)

Well, I remembered and tried again.  Even though the color palette is quite restrained and minimal itself, I tried to keep the colors as bright and vivid as possible.  No mud.  I don’t see the world through a beige lens :)

_2016-05-12 13.50.41

I also knew I wanted them to all tie together like a series, so I worked on all of them simultaneously.

_2016-05-20 14.52.52

First I did all the skies, then I blocked out the landscapes and then carefully, one by one I added all the details. I have to say, adding the trees, grass and rocks was terrifying.  I really liked the uber-simple landscapes and wondered if I should just stop there.  I’d love to get some viewers feedback.  How minimal should I go and still be able to communicate my beautiful locale?  My intuitive self would say make a hundred more paintings and then you’ll see clearly… but my good old regular self says “hey, that’s way to long. I want to know now!”   Yes talking to myself again… :)

I am going to turn this collection into a mini-art print set.  I’m thinking 8×10’s.  It will make just the prettiest little bathroom for someone won’t it?    ;)

Today’s my birthday.

As a gift to myself, I joined Weight Watchers and the gym in February.  My goal was to feel awesome by my birthday which is always Memorial Day weekend which just happens to coincide with the beginning of summer.  The past months have been a lot of hard work and discipline.  I put myself first very adamantly.  My exercise schedule was just as important as the kids music lessons, sports practices and play dates. Of course there was guilt in that at first, but now I am an equal citizen in our family and everyone has supported me.  To date, I have lost 16 pounds.  And guess what?  IT FEELS AWESOME!!!  Hardly anything is wiggling and jiggling and I’ve slowly decreased my addiction to salty crunchy junk food (mainly Doritos and anything orange!)

So today I will thank the universe for my good health and smaller waist size.  But I think I’ll take an extra few moments to embrace the discipline.  I come up with some crazy goals and after I declare them to the world, I WILL NOT BACK DOWN.  That’s usually why I like the declaring it to the world part.  But really, I didn’t think I could do this one.  I really like to eat – and drink for that matter ;)  I thought I’d fail within a month… maybe even two weeks.  But, showing up at WW, seeing the same women each week and routing each other on, sort of made it fun.  I don’t own a scale so I had to show up for weigh-in once a week.  That in itself was enough to get my personal drive  into OVERDRIVE.  I do like a challenge I must say.  It’s been pretty cool.

So, I did it.

The weather is absolutely stellar today. I’m heading outside with my head held high.  I’m a year older and I feel great!

Pottery Experiments

potteryx (3)

I’ve been having fun in pottery.  Playing with new shapes and abandoning glazes for the moment to express myself with crazy colors using underglazes.  These are some sugar bowls I’m working on.

potteryx (1)

These are my first attempt at pitchers.  I will make more in the future now that I figured out how to make the spouts.  I’m definitely at the point of creating my own style.  My work generally incorporates a little bit of wheel thrown, a little bit of hand-building, texture and color.  When they all come together, everyone in my studio can pick out my pieces from a mile away.  This feels good.  I like that I have a flavor. I love that I am getting to the point that I can conceive of something and for the most part, I can match my expectations to the finished project.  Plus there’s also that awesome feeling of putting to use something you’ve hand-crafted.  That feels really good.

potteryx (2)

These birds are going to be the tops of wind chimes.  I put holes through them so they can be strung with bells and chimes.  I’m excited about this project because I just love birds and this will allow me another way to add my feathered friends to my home décor.  The birds I’ve made in the past had solid glazes.  These I will underglaze in bright and funky colors… It’s just seems a bit truer to my nature.

_2016-05-17 11.15.23

Finally, I had a request for “lefty” skull mugs.  So I’m finishing these up too. Shame on me for forgetting those lefties!

I’ll keep you posted.  I have more sugar bowls to show too…. busy.. busy!


Finding One’s Path


_2016-03-28 10.29.00

2016-04-15 08.57.01

2016-04-28 10.00.31

2016-04-29 11.27.07


This is intuitive abstract.  No planning. just show up, move paint and see where it takes you.

If you check the progression of the painting, there were initially two paths. One coming from the left and one center.  Eventually The left path didn’t sit well with me and one single path prevailed.

It’s pretty interesting, I am a constant obsessor about my path in life… It’s nice to know my subconscious could point out that my angst about going in the right direction, doing the right thing, seizing the right opportunities are all for not…

There’s only one path.

The one your on :)

This painting also tackles environmentalism.  There are elements of man’s development, infrastructure, entangled and intertwined with natural elements. Another concept near and dear to my heart. I used silver leaf to denote man’s mark on our environment, metals.

There’s also a bit of shamanism.  Feathers, forest, wind, breath and the blackbird.  Blackbirds are a sign of magic. They are said to have the gift to travel between both realms.  Physical and metaphysical.

A lot of black birds have been turning up in my work.  They always seem to be delivering something.  They are generally in motion and traveling with the wind.  Haven’t really figured out what they mean to me subconsciously, but I’m perfectly ok with them showing up on my canvas as well as my everyday life.

I will have to see what unfolds.

Much Needed Update

_2016-04-17 08.31.14

Gosh. I don’t even know where to begin!  I have so much to share, yet I think I’d have to go back at least a month, which seems overwhelming.

Two words to sum it up – Volunteer work.

This one's for Kari!

compass tshirt Untitled-2

I volunteered to create a t-shirt contest for the students at my kid’s school.  The school has a focus on the environment and social responsibility.  The kids were to create a design that celebrates this for our upcoming Eco Fair school celebration.  I received well over a hundred AMAZING and well thought out pieces of art.

I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t pick only one winner!  So I decided to create a notecard set for the school store as well.   I also plan to hang all the art entries in a Compass School Art Gallery that I will create for the fair.

So, bye-bye blogging; every free hour has gone to working on t-shirt designs, flyers, notecards, assemblage…you know how that goes…it adds up!

_2016-04-17 08.38.13 _2016-04-17 08.31.14

I created about 8 pottery planters for a mother’s Day sale.

2016-05-03 15.53.04

 I’ve been teaching a kid’s painting class after school…

2016-05-12 13.50.28

Plus I’ve been painting a ton! I also just made these two beautiful pitcher’s in pottery.  They are a first for me and I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come!

I promise, this week I will devote some time to showing you everything.

But I just might need somebody hold me to it  ;)

…OK…I’m off!