OK. The perfectionist in me doesn’t want to show the next 5 paintings I am going to show you.  This is absolutely why I will post them.  Bye-bye perfectionist who lives in a safe little shell where one only shows the world that which can be carefully manipulated.  Hello BRAVE NEW WOMANROAR!!!  These are from an intuitive painting class.   I had no idea what I was doing, and this is what came out.


If you are truly in the present moment, then you have absolutely NO CONTROL over what comes out on the canvas.  Planning takes forethought which is a form of control.  This is control-less or OUT-OF-CONTROL!!! Totally out of my comfort-zone. It is great for me. Free therapy!

There is an artist named FLORA BOWLEY.  A friend turned me on to her process and I bought her book called “Brave Intuitive Painting”.

Brave Intuitive Painting Book Cover

There are so many aspects of Flora Bowley’s process that I LOVE.  She is very spiritual.  She uses all 5 senses when painting.  I learned SO MUCH about changing up my mark-making and creating texture and movement.  At times I actually finger painted!  I totally forgot how awesome paint actually FEELS.

So today I will show you one of the paintings and in the next week, I’ll unveil the others.


This was the first two layers.  The first was a layer of warm colors and the second was a layer of cool colors.  I thought this was fairly ugly to tell you the truth… but I pushed on…


Next, came a layer of black and white and after that, you keep adding layers until something “speaks” to you…


The first thing that stood out for me was the circle with lines coming out.  I have a shaman friend who literally blows energy in and out of people and that spoke to me visually.  From there, I stayed incredibly alert and kept asking “what do I do next?”.  From within me, a very strong voice began to command what should be done.

The heart stood out next for me which was warm and rich but, to its right I was told was its opposite -it is cold and filled with holes. I was told to put a knife in-between.

Intuitively fire balls started to be painted, but I didn’t know exactly that was what I was making.  I just heard inside, pick up orange and red.  I had hand-made a series of bird stamps which I added. Only right now as I observe do I notice there are 4.  North, East, South & West? What do they carry to and away?  They seem to be flying within the frenzy. I didn’t plan it, so I can’t say exactly what they are doing.

Next the hands were very important.  I distinctly heard “ice” for the hand to the right.  Blues, digits, snow, and the moon.  It’s counter was on the left.  I went to make digits for fingers and my insides said “NO”. Flames full-thrusting flames darn it!

There was so much more.  I saw a sea of fish to the left of the face, blood, holes – are they auras or portals? There is nature and grass down below, night and day. Many dichotomies. In fact the entire painting is about the opposites one finds on the planet earth.  Full/empty, hot/cold, heaven/hell, good/evil, healthy/sick, happy/sad, rich/poor, awake/asleep.

Deep thoughts by Mary Walsh – and yet, I thought nothing!

I simply listened from within.

As for the painting, it’s a little too crazy for me aesthetically, I don’t like the darkness and the color-palette per say, but again, I didn’t spend time controlling it!

I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the journey, and that is the direction I am headed.  I have to shed making things in hopes that they will make other people “happy”.  I can’t make other people happy nor can I successfully “think-out” what the entire world would like!  Different things speak to all of us.  I have been spending countless hours asking the question “what speaks to me?”  I hope more of what does comes into my work.

I embrace my inner authenticity.  May I share it with the world!

Here’s to the journey!



Of Course I went the color route!!! How could I leave these brown and gray???

It’s against everything I know!

These are under-glazes.  Off to bisque fire and then I will get another shot at color infusion

– with the glossy glazes!


I wish WordPress had Smell-a-vision.  You could not believe the fragrance!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend Everybody!




I am participating in this summer’s Narragansett art Festival. It takes place the weekend of June 27-28.

These are ceramic wall hangings I am creating for all of our beachy houses here. Well, I guess they could be trays too for a coffee table.

I am headed in now to underglaze them, but it’s tough, I sort of like them natural…

We shall see what I decide….

I hope I don’t sell them all because I want one!



Many, many months ago I told you I had an idea…

2015-02-24 13.54.15

2015-01-06 16.05.33

But I never told you the idea…


I thought I’d show you the finished project but somehow, as usual, weeks turn into months!

I have this big black box of a fireplace insert.  It’s way too much black for my cheery décor.  So I had the idea to make tiles in my pottery class and attach them to the metal fireplace surround with magnets.  This way if I ever move, I can take them off and spare the next homeowner from what I deemed to be “gorgeous”.  Let’s face it, all humans disagree on that one!  Also, the fact that the fireplace is black becomes a perfect solution for the “appearance” of grout.


Of course I haven’t finished.  I need to make roughly 40 more tiles, but if I waited until that happened, I might very well have forgotten to show you my great idea!

Obviously you could take any tile and create a fun fireplace back splash.  If I were to do it again, instead of one giant magnet in the middle, I’d put 4 tiny magnets in each corner.  This way they wouldn’t spin like my tiles are apt to do.

Oh well, my tiles wiggling and spinning seems perfectly apropos. Everything else in the house always seems to be wiggling and spinning…and cracking…and peeling… you know being a house!

Good luck.  Let’s all keep working at making this world creative! What are you up to?

Got Me a New Studio


As of May 1st, I moved my paint into a teeny-tiny 9 ft x 9ft art studio.  Why?

WINDOWSthat’s why!


During my 365 I blogged a lot about this wonderful art store called South County Art Supply. Well, SCAS just moved into this gorgeous 1800’s building and the owner graciously rented me a room in the back.  My first day painting and I was able to walk into the front of the store and get more paint! The space is wall to wall windows.  It’s overcome with light!!! I don’t have to put anything away when I’m done. It’s awesome!

  My old home had a free-standing garage that I converted into an art studio…


I have to admit, it was pretty sweet. My new home has lots of great things, but no studio and no sunlight.

So this is a big move for me.  I have worked out of my home FOREVER.  At least the last 15 years.

I feel a little awkward, nervous, and out of my element…

But also quite excited!

As for art… I’ve been a little secretive on that front too.  It’s because I’m trying something new for the first time and the perfectionist in me doesn’t want to show it until I’ve got it down!


I am working on all of these canvases simultaneously.  None of them are “finished” they all get about ten different layers of paint and technique.

This winter was tough for me.  I felt like I was owned by my paintings instead enjoying the process.  The traditional techniques were taking weeks and weeks to complete one painting…for a Gemini/humming bird…that is a slow death!

I’ve been researching abstract painting.  I have two different artists who have inspired me.  I will share their info and technique after I get further along and have more to tell…


Man I love spring!!!