#173 - I LOVE GRANNIES (3)

Wow, Am I beat.

It is the very end of this day.  I have just one hour until midnight.  Better hit publish soon.

The funny thing is, I finished this painting about 14 hours ago.  I just didn’t have the time to document it!

I woke up early around 5:30 am.  For anyone that knows me, I am practically 40 years old and never woke before 7 am in my life until this 365 creativity challenge!  Let’s just say this is the earliest I’ve woken on record! I don’t do early!!!

I knew I had a three-hour drive to a family reunion departing at 10 am, so if I was going to do anything today, it would be at the crack of dawn.

So I did it and it was a pleasure.  I got my art in.  I got to complete something which always feels good and then we were off.

From 1-6 pm I caught up with a whole lot of family I don’t get to see to often any more, got into water balloon fights with the youngins’, ate my token BBQ hotdog, and then we were off again.  Time to turn around and drive 3 hours back so we could grocery shop tonight and pack for our vacation to Block Island, RI tomorrow.

So forgive me for not over-dissecting my work for today.  I’ll spare you!  Right now, all I can think of is a big white fluffy pillow and darkness, plenty of it!  I’m hitting the sack before I get to do this all over again tomorrow plus hop a ferry to one of my favorite places in the world!

I’m off.  I look forward to sharing my vacation with you :)

Good Night.

#172 - HEY GRANNY (3) #172 - HEY GRANNY (1) #173 - I LOVE GRANNIES (1) #173 - I LOVE GRANNIES (2) #173 - I LOVE GRANNIES (3)

16×20 watercolor on 140 LB cold press paper.


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