#266- SERENITY NOW (2)

Finally Finished.

It feels good.  There were so many steps and layers to this painting, I didn’t think I’d ever finish!

The final measurements of this hand stamped acrylic painting are 37″x57″ inches.  Roughly 3 feet by 5 feet.

The painting is a tribute to my everyday routine.  The craziness that pursues in trying to be a mother, wife, and artist.

My true intent was to find some excuse to create an image using hand-crafted stamps.  I used craft foam and recycled elements to create the stamps.  I also wanted the painting to be so busy and so crazy, you’d have to look around for a while before you saw everything.  The painting is absolutely crazy!  I like it in real life better than on the screen.  You can’t grasp how large it is.

#266- SERENITY NOW (1)

Here are some of the final stamps I created today.  A feather for the feather duster, an argyle print for my sneakers and a star for my high-tops.  We all know what that is a nod to!


I did forget the red shoelaces, I will have to add them in tomorrow.  Man…never ending!

#266- SERENITY NOW (5)

The first funny tid-bit is my text to my husband.  It says “Hi sweetie I can’t pick up the kids cuz I can’t find my keys”.  I’d like to think that this is an unusual text, but not in my life.  Oh and I can add “locked myself out of the car…however baby still in car” and “went sled riding, now freezing, randomly using someone’s phone to ask you to come get us…keys locked in car”. Yeah, many texts about keys and my car.

#266- SERENITY NOW (6)

This supermarket bag is a dig on the whole “organic movement”.  Boy do I get ticked off that we have to pay a lot extra for what is common sense.  If you don’t want poison in your food, then you’ll have to pay for an “upgrade”. really?  Thank you lobbyists.  So this is what I wrote on my faux bag  “We promise High Quality food grown in nature with no chemicals. The way all food should be grown but we will charge you four times the amount for it. ENJOY!”  As a mom or should I say as a human, I constantly struggle to figure out the balance between healthy and affordable.

#266- SERENITY NOW (4)

My third poke is a detergent bottle called “TIDY” instead of Tide.  I am a complete failure at laundry.  First of all, I never do it, then I STINK at folding and finally, the worst of all is getting it back into my drawers.  Now let’s add two kids to the already failing process!  So I wrote on this bottle “TIDY Helps clean -clothes, snot, dirt, pee & poo, paint, stink, sauce, berries & coffee – GUARANTEED!  Yeah, I call that mom humor.

IMG_4846 #256 - Little Further #262- WALLPAPERER (1)

#263- Beginning to see a pattern (5) #265 - FAUX BOIS (5) #266- SERENITY NOW (2)

To top it all off, yesterday was DAY #265.  That means as of yesterday, I had 100 days left.

Today, makes it 99!

I have pottery tomorrow and then I’m on to something new (that doesn’t take so long!)

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