The Platypus Invasion!

a2014-08-20 17.02.59

Wow, I checked my records and it’s was one year ago, September 3rd, that I posted my painted fabric designs of my child’s favorite thing in the world, her platypuses.



I hate to admit that these were fabric designs for her bedroom we were going to re-do….since that was a year ago!

But now that the kids are back in school and I can focus and breathe a little slower, I finally got my butt onto!

a2014-08-20 17.20.31 a2014-08-20 16.54.11

a2014-08-20 16.56.23b

a2014-08-20 17.15.22

Spoonflower is the website where you can load your own images and create your own fabrics.  It was so darn easy, I don’t know why I put it off for so long!  It helps if you have some knowledge of pattern making because you need to make sure that all four sides of your design correspond to each other to create a repeat when creating yardage.  Even if you don’t know how to do that, Spoonflower’s website can help you take any image and create the repeat. I don’t have any savvy computer software, just watercolors and a brain and it came out awesome!  Before you place your order for fabric, they require you to purchase fabric swatches to make sure everything worked out.  That’s what you are looking at, the swatches…I’m definitely thinking pillows!

a2014-08-20 17.15.54b

But the harder part will be coughing up the change to buy yards of these designs for curtains and a new bed spread…

Let’s hope we are not looking at another year!


Here is a link to Spoonflower:

Here is a link to buy my Platypus fabrics (in case you know someone obsessed with platypuses –everyone right?):


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