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OK. Experiment #3    Swirl    -18×24 inches acrylic

This painting reminds me of jewelry. All of the circles remind me of gorgeous glass beads but also, there are little flecks of silver & gold leaf throughout which makes it sparkle.

There is also a spiritual element.  There are the birds flying throughout.  Birds always represent freedom to me.  Freedom to soar, to roam, to come, to go.  There’s a bird exhaling which to me is  pent-up energy.  So it’s the release of energy and then I vision the feather blowing in that wind-energy.  I’ve been reading a lot about Native American totems and spirit medicine which is definitely creeping into my work. The Native Americans encouraged blurring the lines between imagination and reality.  That which one could imagine has deep meaning for each specific individual and each individual could then learn from their own imagining and apply it to their “reality”.  It is not lost on them that “image” is part of the word imagine.  They believe in very specifically surrounding yourself with imagery – hence totems.  Imagery with symbolic reference. That speaks to me.

In fact, here are the bellies of 6 bird totems I just started Tuesday:


No heads yet…hopefully next week :)


So far, intuitive painting brings up mysticism and magic for me; that’s what bubbles up to my surface.  It makes sense, I spend every waking moment trying to figure out why I am here.  You know, the big question.  So of course that would be what comes out… pretty cool. Your heart gets to speak through a visual language.

Grrrr… I sure wish this was five times bigger than it is.  I am going to have to work on getting larger canvases.  Does anyone know how to do one of those kick-start campaigns?  I wonder if I asked people to donate to “me” as their cause and in turn I could send each of them a signed print of one of my large magical canvases that don’t exist yet but would exist due to them…that would be a cool concept.  Any one?  Knowledge you could impart?

My friend Judith from Synchronicity and Company, sent me this quick one minute movie from NPR’s Ira Glass. It really speaks to exactly where I am.  EXACTLY.  It is so frustrating but so true.  It is exactly how I feel.  Thank you for imparting your wisdom Ira!

Click here it’s only one minute!  http://omeleto.com/188186/

I started 5 new paintings this Monday. I am working on many at once to try to keep from “thinking”. It works.  I just keep twirling around using my intuition instead of over examining.  Cool things are coming out and I’m already changing AGAIN! … intuitive painting is so cool, because even as the artist, you have no idea what’s going to be created!

It definitely keeps you coming back for more!

OK. Off to paint… YES!!!


  1. love it !!
    about the pots….. to me they are symbolic of isis !!
    (of isis and osiris, that is….. ;-)

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