January Cleaning House

It’s January. Time to clean house. But for artists, it’s also time to clean studio. And so I did.

I straightened out my shelves, replaced damaged paint brushes, washed out my paint sets, put all my pottery supplies away, organized my jewelry supplies and restocked my paper. During the holiday season I run around like a chicken with my head cut off and I hate to admit, I leave things everywhere. I’m pretty good the rest of the year. I truly appreciate cleanliness and order.

One of my piles was a stack of paintings I have completed. It was fun to go through. There were paintings from art classes I’ve taught as well as quite a few “phases” I’ve gone through ie. abstract, photo realism and negative painting.

What’s the point of making art if it sits in your basement? Clearly, it’s not doing me any good.

Luckily, I just so happened to have started an Etsy shop recently. So I spent the last two days listing them on there. They are not my “New” series of work which I am going to start up shortly, but they are still pretty little paintings. I made the prices between $50-$200 dollars which is hopefully considered “affordable”. I simply would rather have them hanging on people’s walls than sitting in my basement.

Next. I went to visit all of my pottery that was trapped in the pottery studio during a town Covid lockdown. I have two more sets of mugs in progress, a whole bunch in the kiln and then I am going to start making more bird pots. They all sold out. So it’s probably smart to make some more I’d think. For the new year I sketched out 10 different pottery projects I want to work on. I love starting the new year. It’s only a flip of the calendar, but it certainly feels like the best time to organize my thoughts as well. I’ve got some fun things lined up.

The paintings above are the “new” series I have been working on. My Secret Garden series. Each painting is 24″x30″ so they take some time to complete. I have three more paintings to complete. It always takes me a few days to get back into painting. I have this intense fear that I won’t be able to paint because time has gone by. Like I will forget all I’ve learned. So, I ease in until my anxiety subsides and then I get cranking! I might even be able to start my next painting tomorrow.

I’ve cleaned and organized my studio. That feels good. I can’t say the same for my house. I still have a lot of Christmas to put away. But, it’s cold and dark. So what’s the rush? I’ve got plenty of time before it’s time to get back out in the garden. Plenty of time…



  1. What a great idea! Unfortunately, other than commissioned pet portraits, the rest of my art, for now, will remain stacked up in a cupboard! But it is piling up and something will have to be done soon. You have a truly wonderful body of work!

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