For those of you new to my blog, check back to POST # 6, the original FLY ON MY WALL (hint there is a fly to find in the pictures with this title).

So As a fly on my wall, you gain access to my bedroom.

 I only moved to my current home one year ago.  In my last home, every room was painted a wild color.  This time around I painted every room white.  I especially love my all white bedroom.  It is like a blank slate.  Whenever, I get bored with the room I simply change my pillows and duvet and I have a whole new look.

 This was my Christmas bedding.  Up close the print is actually snowflakes.  It is calm and tranquil which was what I needed around the holidays, but now, I think I’m ready for a pop of color.  Hmm, I sense the opportunity for another creative challenge!

 This is a contour drawing which is very freeing.  You just let the pen flow.  No worries about measurements, perspective, composition. You just look and draw. I also added my kitty cat Pina to the drawing.  We lost her in the last hurricane.  She never returned home.  I didn’t think I’d miss her, seeing as how she hated people, but after 10 years of having her, I do.

Well, today was a relaxing day.  I needed that after pushing myself to try to finish acrylic paintings all week.  They do take longer than the time allotted.  I need to make at least two more of those 10×10 canvasses though.  They look awesome lined up along my dining room:)


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