#190 -What the (1)

Any guesses on the above photo before I tell you?

For the next couple of days I am teaching one on one art lessons to two very sweet kids.

I’m starting off this week with paper mache so that we have time to build on it each day.

#190 -What the (3)

I put the kids in front of a big box of recycled items I had collected and told them to come up with what ever they’d like to make.  Anything they wanted.  We’d figure out how to build it.

#190 -What the (6)

The younger kid saw these blue cylinders and instantly thought legs.

#190 -What the (4)

I gave them rolls of masking tape, paper plates for the bases and sent them to work.

#190 -What the (2)

The older kid started stacking cups.  she went 4 high and then sat there for a while.  She was thinking hard, but I had no idea what she was thinking.  She finally blew up a small balloon.  She stretched out one side of the balloon until she made the balloon pointed. I still had no idea what she was creating and then finally, she let me in on her plan.

#190 -What the (1)b

This is to be a wolf howling at the moon.

She was very adamant about creating the tail the way she created the tail.  She tipped the head just so.  She had a very strong vision.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  I can’t wait to see it come to fruition.

#190 -What the (1)c

So what is this one?

This is a cat that when finished, will be standing on its side on four legs. The two bumps are going to be 3-D eyes.

#190 -What the (5)

I have to hand it to these kids.  They saw this project through. They accepted the challenge of trying to figure out how to build something in a 3-D format. We got all sorts of sticky and probably got about 3 coats of newsprint on the forms.  I’ve taught kid art classes in the past where it took weeks to get paper mache done because of a limited time structure.  But today, we pushed on through.

If I had to grade them, I’d give them both a C+

C is for Creative!


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