#199 – RED APPLE

#199 - RED APPLE (3)

Today’s hand-made stamp painting is of my favorite flower, Gaillardia.

#199 - RED APPLE (2)

I fill my garden beds with its bright hues and it flowers all summer long!

I also live in the Ocean state, Rhode Island, thus the little nod to the nautical in the back ground.  Last week I had made the paisley stamp while creating art with the kids.  I figured it would be a fun addition as a tablecloth.  In fact, the graphic boldness of the blue and white is my favorite part of the print. 

If I were to create it again, I would omit the Dahlias.  Sometimes you just don’t know until you try. Oh well, lesson learned.

Regardless, this 16 x 20″ acrylic painting gives me a beach cottage vibe.  Which on the hottest day of the summer and living in a beach town, seems well suited.

We are off to the beach for an early evening dip.  As locals in a tourist area, you begin to enjoy the area in unexpected ways.  Meeting up with friends, letting the kids run wild on the shore, drinking a cold one.

The simple pleasures of summer.



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  1. I love your painting! The stamp captures the flower perfectly.

    I’m up in Western Mass. We’re almost neighbors. I really wish we lived closer to a beach, though. This summer has been a “scorcha” (as they’d say in the Eastern part of MA.

      1. I know! A blizzard in October, even. And I thought New England relatively was safe, weather-wise.

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