I had no idea what I was going to do today. THE 200th DAY OF MY CREATIVITY CHALLENGE!!

My table is filled with tons of hand crafted stamps I made this week, so I went that route.

I thought to myself “How about I make a super colorful painting?  Not of any real type of flower, just fun and imaginative.”  So that’s what I did.  I didn’t really over think it.  I picked up one stamp, painted on color, picked up another stamp and chose some more color, until my canvas was full.

The bird to the right, is a tribute to my daughter.  She got a real kick out of making stamps this week too, so I used one of the stamps she created in my painting.  This way, when I look at the painting, I will think of the time we spent together making them.  The bird art also represents my great love of kids art as a whole.  The freedom in children’s art is something I cannot replicate, no matter how hard I try!  There’s no over-thinking or over-philosophizing, they just create.  God bless em’!

It’s funny that today’s thoughts were that I wanted today’s painting to be “colorful”.  Looking back at the past 200 days, was there any day that my work wasn’t colorful???


That’s just how I roll.

Add so much color…It winds up over-the-top!

Well, if creating something colorful is my ultimate goal, I think I can safely say:


Looking forward to my last 165!


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