Having Fun Framing


The Picture framing of my 365 Art Project has begun.  I’m pretty lucky to have 2 picture framer businesses in my family.  As I had mentioned, my mother is framing the “best” pieces and I am framing the pieces she didn’t pick!  It’s funny, but most of my favorites didn’t make the cut, but it wasn’t a personal decision, my mother has a very good eye for what “the masses” will like.  I trust her judgement even though I’ve never fallen into that category!

  I was lucky enough to inherit this black frame due to a measurement error. I recieved the frame with the glass and hand-built shadow box walls already built into it.  Total score! I bought a shocking blue piece of fabric, stretched it on acid free foam core and floated #313 – Ode to Hundertwasser in the center.  I love this gouache painting for its primitiveness and clean bright color.


Next to be framed was the watercolor #157- IN MY GARDEN –The Poppy.  Can you believe someone didn’t like this gold frame because of the lines in the gold-leaf guilding?  For those of you that don’t know, there are finite linear lines in a true gold frame.  It is where the real gold leaf overlaps itself when being applied to the frame.  Here’s a tidbit, if you can’t find overlap marks on your gold frame, it’s most likely painted which means there is a good chance it’s not a  true gold-leaf frame!  So, when you go to have something framed, don’t complain about inconsistencies, it’s most likely an indication of hand-craftmanship and authenticity.


I think that #217- STILL LIFE WITH BOVINE came out so darn sweet.  This frame was a customer’s frame that they no longer wanted.  It had two dings in the finish.  So guess what I did?  I added 20 more dings, literally, with a hammer!  I dented, scratched and sanded the frame until it began to have that “country distressed” look.  Next I found this pretty blue trellis fabric, stretched the fabric and floated my artwork. I just love what a frame can do!  This painting is ready for a country cottage!


#10 – ODE TO THE ORANGE, was from the first week of my 365.  It definitely has some technical issues going on, but it’s still a fun piece.  I went with the look of a “Man’s study”.  Dark plaid says to me “fraternity”, “law office” or “man-cave”!  Thanks again to the customer who wanted a new frame and no longer wanted this gold metal frame. It’s in perfect condition!

The titles of the paintings above are actually links to that particular day of my 365.  You can learn more about the painting and see what I was thinking and feeling at that given moment.

OK.  so four paintings framed and only about one hundred more to go!

I forgot how fun and creative the picture framing process can be.  I’m having fun with it!


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