Upon Closer Inspection

2014-09-18 14.26.39

I take a few moments every day to wander. Sometimes mentally. Sometimes physically.

I picked all the Chinese lanterns from my garden.  I love them for their color of course.

But wow.  Look at how magnificent this little pod is.  It is so delicate and miraculous in its detail. It gives you a glimpse of the fruit inside and reminds us of perfection.  This plant is perfectly designed to dry its seed and spread it.  It has perfect protection only until it is no longer needed. At that precise moment its walls will wither and it will have done what it needed to do. Plant the seed.

Don’t we all have protective layers but do we shed them at the right time?   Hmm…deep thought for the day…

Man, there is just so much to learn about life, when we stop to pay attention.

If you don’t already have these in your garden, here’s a little more information:


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