Ahhh, This would be my dream garden.  A place where I could surround myself with color, sunlight, fresh air, sounds of nature….Instead I’m sitting here freezing watching the melted snow puddle into mud!  Ok. It’s not that bad today, but I do love the colors spring brings.

We have a beautiful estate here in Rhode Island called the Kinney Azalea Gardens and I kid you not.  This place is the closest I’ve seen to this painting in my life. Hundreds of azalea bushes in every color of the rainbow. A color addicts paradise. I look forward to it every year. Here check it out:


 Today’s painting was a lot like yesterdays.  I showed up, wet my paper, started adding color and let it take me where it wanted to go.  It was a wonderful feeling.  The painting is 15″x 22″ which is a good size for taking in all the color and detail. I just love the red mingling with the pinks, yellows and oranges.  Looking at certain color combinations releases endorphins in my brain.  Let me tell you this is one of those combos!  I also like the black areas.  They give the painting higher contrast and they remind me of the color of damp trees in the forest.

So this was my second attempt at loosening up and releasing control over the whole art process.  I love it.  It feels good. However, I am craving a simple still life or two…. I guess there’s always next time!  Thanks. Mary


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