Today is pottery day and I got to tie up a lot of loose ends.

First, I trimmed my garden mug and added a decorative handle. Second I found one of my four bowls that I had never trimmed. I trimmed it up and sent it off to be bisque fired. Third, I created a vessel for my son’s mug.  Owen changed his mind from a skeleton, to a monster, to now wanting a cobra mug.  He wants a cobra with red blood dripping down the sides.  Got to love six-year-old boys!  Secretly, I can’t wait to create this handle!  I also added an eye-ball to the bottom of his mug.  I figured it would be extra creepy to have an eye staring up at you after your cocoa.

After, throwing the last mug, I then moved onto glazing.  I glazed three different bowls in at least 8 different glazes.  It took  forever!  You can see some papers I’ve included with ideas for patterns.  If I don’t bring ideas with me, I freeze, forget and waste a lot of time.  My designs are kind of risky, I sure have a lot of glazes overlapping which means you cannot predict the outcome.  I sure hope they turn out well.

Finally I moved onto under glazing the mugs.  This is the first opportunity to add color.  They will then be bisque fired and I will get a second chance to add more color through glazes. Three of the mugs are almost finished. I just can’t wait to take them home and use them!

So there you go, It was a busy day at Plum Pottery East.  I’m getting close to the finish line.  Projects are close to completion. Woo hoo!


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