It’s Friday and it’s no longer cold outside!!! Woo Hoo!

My grass is green.  My gardens are popping.  I’m a happy camper.

Those are my thoughts this afternoon.

Yesterday’s painting was too bizarre for words.  It was wonky and had these large circles sticking out, I wasn’t very happy with it.  Mainly, my largest complaint was the lack of composition.

So today, I took my time to think about what I might want to do, as opposed to rushing in with brushes blazing.  I do tend to worry about time everyday ( I have so many things to do as a mom) that I think it’s taking a toll on the quality of my work.  The solution is to possibly take two days to work on a painting, while showing my progress daily or begin to work on smaller pieces of paper (today’s is 2ft x 3ft. which is ridiculous to try to finish in one day now that I am thinking of it!)

Scaling down is probably the appropriate measure, but I do really like to work large I’m finding.

I chose a sunflower as a result of yesterday.  The giant orbs in yesterday’s painting reminded me of a sunflower so I attempted one today in hopes of creating something a little more structured.

The large size is what makes today’s piece cool.  When you walk up to the painting, the flower head is 2-3 times the size of a human head. It’s fun.  It provides a room full of color and I love to walk up to the seed head and look closely. It’s a mix between a mandala and pointillism.

Alright, it’s dinner time and I’m starved.  I’m ready to head out into the yard tomorrow and prep for my Cinco de Mayo celebration. Great weather is predicted which was the final piece of the puzzle.  Now it’s time to celebrate!


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