Mission Complete

Rooster, Secret Garden Series 18″ x 24″ watercolor

Wow. A year of my life! Finito! Dunzo! Halleluiah!

For the Secret Garden Series, I painted countless 5×7 and 8×10 inch watercolor studies as well as 8 final paintings. The old adage that artists want to quit before they begin is totally true! The joke is that artists create a painting in their mind. So, at that point, technically aren’t they already done? Why waste all that time putting the finished painting on canvas! I have to say, I felt like this by painting 3 of this series. I had learned what I needed to learn and was ready to try something different. But alas, this is why I declare to the world I am going to do stuff. Somehow when it’s out there, it feels worse backing out. And let’s face it, it does feel really good to complete a goal. So Me, myself and I – get a pat on the back!

Here’s the progression of the Rooster painting:

Here is the complete Secret Garden Series:

I spoke a little bit about this, I find myself more attracted to the small moments in the paintings rather than the paintings in their entirety. So for me, these cropped images are where I am going. The cropped images are less formal, uptight or staged-feeling. Which is where I will try to take my next paintings.

My idea is to make some beautiful prints of the more intimate cropped images. I’m wondering people’s thoughts? Are you in agreement to crop or do you disagree? Paintings in their entirety? or just segments? I’d love people’s feedback.

I am still madly in love with all of my subject matter. Animals, patterns, color, all things mystical, garden flowers and old architecture will continue to be my muse. At least for the time being ;)

OK. This is the segment where I tell you what hidden things to look for within the painting. You will find: A Black-Capped Chickadee, mortar and pestle, Tiger Moth, lipstick, chalice, bumble bee, Sacred Eye, bundled sage, Taoism/ying-yang, paisley, a Triskele symbol/Celtic triple spiral, a marble, a Heart Milagro, lavender, acorn, gummy bear, garden gloves, safety pin and The Sun Tarot card.

I also like adding a photo comparison of the small studies vs. the large painting because I think it’s a great visual of the paintings size.

This is such a great time of year to conclude this project. The dark depressing days of winter are behind. The pandemic is hopefully subsiding. School’s about to end for the kiddos. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take a little time to reflect …… you know, before I dive into my next endeavor ;)


  1. I love the bright beautiful colors, the dynamics of the animals, the gardener’s gloves, the rooster, the flowers, so many details.  Ellie 

  2. I’ve been following you for years and I love what you do. Thank you for the window into your creative process

  3. Thanks for reaching out! It helps to know there are people out there! and with the “puh” at the end of your handle, I’d imagine your a fellow New Englanduh? Ok, now help me out, what’s your opinion? Prints of the cropped close ups or the entire painting????

  4. I think the small images are better. They ficus. But they work because they come from a larger piece. If you had specifically illustrated as small,
    Somehow I don’t think they would be the same. Cropping is a great idea. Plus you can if you want, join them together to understand the whole.

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